Reno geese were relocated to areas in Southern Nevada |

Reno geese were relocated to areas in Southern Nevada

Don Quilici

According to a press release by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), more than 350 juvenile geese that were rounded up on golf courses and parks in the Reno area have been released at wildlife management areas in Clark, Lincoln and Nye counties.

Michael Dobel, NDOW supervising game biologist, said the capture and release of the birds is part of an ongoing program to control the goose population in the Reno metropolitan area.

They were released in late June.

“The program is in its 17th year and has been very successful in maintaining a stable goose population in the Reno area,” said Dobel. “Keeping their numbers under control is very important because it minimizes the risks of the birds colliding with aircraft.”

Overton Wildlife Management area in Clark County received 157 geese while another 150 were divided between Key Pittman Wildlife Management Area in Lincoln County and Wayne E. Kirch Wildlife Management Area in Nye County.

Dobel said that only juvenile birds were relocated because the birds had not yet imprinted on their birthplace.

This significantly increases the odds that the geese will not return to golf courses and parks in Reno.

Most of the geese that have been released on the management areas in previous years have tended to join with other geese in their spring and fall migrations.

Some of the birds have returned to the management areas in the spring to raise their young.

All of the geese were fitted with leg bands and released on lakes and ponds on the management areas.