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15 Carson City coronavirus exposures include cruise passengers

UPDATE, March 18, 11:17 a.m.

The 15 possible exposures include the 14 residents that were repatriated from the Grand Princess cruise ship and the one confirmed case from Carson City, according to Jessica Rapp, public information officer, Carson City Health and Human Services.


A resolution to declare a state of emergency has been added to the Board of Supervisors meeting agenda.

The board meets Thursday and at 1 p.m. it will vote on whether to declare an emergency.

The resolution states that the city has identified 15 cases of possible exposure to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

“The risk of exposure to infectious disease could affect the entire population of Carson City if the emergency is not immediately mitigated,” reads the resolution.

“To fully access all necessary and proper powers to aid in mitigating against the pandemic, it is prudent and appropriate to officially declare the existence of an emergency under applicable law …”

The state of emergency, if declared, will be for two weeks and will automatically extend for one week periods until the board or the governor removes it.

A second added item concerns Carson City staff: “Discussion and possible action regarding directives and recommendations concerning Carson City departmental and staff functions and functions in Carson City as a consolidated municipality in relation to the exercise of emergency powers.”

So far, one Carson City individual has tested positive for the coronavirus and the no fatalities have been reported in the quad county area of Carson City and Douglas, Lyon and Storey counties.