Results from July 11-12 races at Top Gun Raceway; next race is Saturday night |

Results from July 11-12 races at Top Gun Raceway; next race is Saturday night

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Fallon racer Lonnie Grace won the Super Pro division earlier this month at Top Gun Raceway.
Provided by Top Gun/Longtime

The following results are from the Summit ET and Junior Drag, ET Challenge and Junior Dragster Challenge on July 11-12 at Top Gun Raceway. 

Racing resumes at the strip, located about 16 miles south of Fallon, this weekend with Arm Drop Saturday at 7 p.m. 

In the Junior Dragster Challenge to open the weekend earlier this month, California’s Grace Harmon matched up against local racer Dakota Sasser in the semifinals. Sasser, who’d been fighting new car gremlins all weekend, left too early and gave the win to Harmon. Dakota went red by 0.008 seconds. In the other semifinal race, Nick Morris (Sparks) fouled out by leaving 0.166 seconds to early punching Carson Wells (Mather, Calif.) ticket into the finals.

In the finals, Harmon chopped down the tree, posting a 0.015 reaction time, but then went too fast and broke out. She ran a 7.898 on her 7.90 dial. Harmon ran a 7.926 on his 7.90 dial for the win.

In the semifinals of Summit Motorcycle ET, Reno’s Dave Asher who’s sponsored by Buy Nevada First, ran a 9.716 at 134.22 mph to defeat Fallon’s Dominic Davis who went 12.255 at 115.17 mph. Fernley’s Tommy Brown easily took out newcomer Matt Carman, who appeared to fall asleep at the starting line.

In the finals, Asher posted a 0.020 reaction time, but couldn’t catch Brown, who ran his number with a 5, going 11.975 on his 11.97 dial. 

In the Summit Sportsman ET, Jim Horne (Reno), in his street driven 1972 Camaro, gave Tami Phillips (Fallon) a nice little head start. Phillips kept her foot in it and broke out, running a 15.911 on her 15.94 dial. Horne went through the traps running 12.673 on his 12.66 dial at 98.84 mph. 

In the other pair, veteran drag racers and good friends, Fallon’s Marc Klose and Walt Stacey, met up once again. Klose posted a 0.003 reaction time and easily stayed ahead of Stacey, who didn’t have the power to catch him.

In the final round, Klose and Horne slowed down big time, with neither running close to their guesses. Klose and his 1972 Vega were 0.047 on the start, compared to Horne’s 0.119.

In the first semifinal of the Summit Pro ET, David DuBose, who was No. 1 in points, took on Alvin Clarke, who came into the race in the No. 2 spot. Clarke turned the starting line advantage into the win. The other pair was No. 3 in points, Hal Lockett had a bye run and made a nice and easy pass, saving parts for the final.

Clarke dialed in at 10.635 and got the head start over Lockett’s 9.92 dial in the finals. Clarke saved his best reaction time, a 0.006 for the final round. Lockett pushed the tree a little too hard and turned it red, leaving -0.014 seconds too soon, giving Clarke the automatic win.

In the Summit Super Pro ET, Lauri Pickett (Winnemucca) paired up against Steve Schmid (Minden). Both racers were running Camaros with fiberglass bodies. Pickett broke the beams at the start with a 0.016 reaction time, while Schmid was uncharacteristically late, putting up a 0.063. Both drivers broke out, with Pickett doing it by the least amount to take the win. 

Multiple class champion Lonnie Grace (Fallon) pulled his 2002 Cavallier up to the line to find Jeff Lundy and his 5.0 Mustang. The difference in the dials gave Lundy almost a second and half head start, but he couldn’t wait and left too early. The win moved Grace into the final.

In the final, Grace had a little advantage at the start but coming to the finish line, it was fender to fender. Grace broke out, running an 8.788 at 155.10 mph to Pickett’s 10.435 at 144.97. She had dialed a 10.46, which meant she was too quick by more, putting Grace into the winner’s circle again.

On the following day, In the Summit Junior Dragster ET, Sasser got to advance when his opponent, Crue Casteel, turned on the red light. Rookie racer, Abigail West had the bye round in the semis.

In the finals, West had mechanical failure and couldn’t stage the car, making Sasser the winner for the day.

In the Summit Motorcycle ET, Brown again found himself in the semifinal round going up against Dominic Davis (Fallon). Davis, who was determined not to leave too early, left too late with a 0.215 reaction time compared to Brown’s 0.142. Brown was able to cruise to an easy win. 

Rookie Matt Carman (Fallon) lined up against Zach Clarke (Dayton). Carman ran closer to his dial than Clarke, but Carman also had a 0.351 reaction time compared to Clarke’s 0.027. Clarke took the win.

In the finals, Brown couldn’t hold of Clarke as Clarke was perfect at the finish line running a 10.200 on his 10.20 dial for the win.

In the Summit Sportsman ET, Jim Horne (Reno) and Bruce Lee Best Sr. (Carson City) had to run twice to decide the winner. During the first run, something broke the finish line beams, causing the clocks to stop and creating a re-run. In the second race, Best had some issues and Horne moved to the final. Walt Stacey (Fallon) had the single bye into the final.

In the finals, the difference at the starting line between Walt Stacey and Jim Horne was a slight 0.005 advantage for Stacey. Both racers slowed from their dials and it was Stacey who was closer, taking the win. 

In the Summit Pro ET, Alvin Clarke (Fernley) and his 1978 Camaro paired up against Frank Barrett (Fallon). Barrett had some staging issues, causing his top stage bulb to go out and distracting Clarke. Clarke had a terrible reaction time, a 0.238 to Barrett’s 0.006. At the finish, Clarke ran a 10.527 on his 10.52 dial while Barrett was too slow, going 9.810 on his 9.52 dial and Clarke advanced to the final round. 

The drivers in the other pair were John Krinner (Sparks) and Delbert Manners (Winnemucca). The Dart of Manners had a large starting line advantage, but he spun and slowed too much catch the Mercury Cougar of Krinner.

In the finals, neither driver was stellar, with a slight advantage going to Clarke. Again, both drivers went too fast with Krinner by 0.061 and Clarke running under by just 0.025. Clarke doubled up and moved into the points lead.

In the Summit Super Pro ET, neither Jim Schmid (Minden) or Lauri Pickett (Winnemucca) had the real starting line advantage, with Schmid being better by 0.010. Schmid was able to chase down Pickett and passed her at the stripe to take the win. John Garafola had a single bye into the final.

In the finals, Schmid was better at the start by 0.004, but that big top-end mile-an-hour of the blown big block Camaro was able to push Schmid out, causing him to go too fast by 0.001 and giving Garafola the win.