Romney leads in Nevada fundraising |

Romney leads in Nevada fundraising

Associated Press

Republican Mitt Romney has moved ahead in Nevada fundraising in the July-September quarter and is now the No. 1 presidential candidate in overall fundraising in the state.

The former Massachusetts governor got $234,507 in Nevada donations during the quarter, bringing his total to $732,797, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The candidate reports were due at the SEC on Monday.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani raised $70,490 in Nevada in the third quarter, bringing the Republican presidential hopeful’s Nevada total to $658,790.

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton was third highest in overall Nevada contributions, at $455,954. Her fundraising in the state in the July-September quarter netted her $64,824.

Republican Sen. John McCain raised $17,935 in the quarter for a total $266,566; Democrat Bill Richardson, New Mexico’s governor, raised $83,322 for a total of $232,634; and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama raised $73,927 for a total of $187,343.

Among other presidential contenders, former Democratic vice-presidential nominee John Edwards raised $10,197 in the quarter for a total of $106,837 from Nevadans; Democratic Sen. Joe Biden raised $14,675 for a total of $82,225; and antiwar Republican Rep. Ron Paul raised $42,769 for a total of $65,269.

Actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson, a Republican who entered the race last month, has $38,458; and Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, who raised $19,550 in the quarter, has a total of $34,350.

The total raised in Nevada through Sept. 30 from all candidates is $2.9 million. That includes $1.8 million for the Republicans and $1.1 million for Democrats running for president.