Ron Knecht, Assembly District 40 |

Ron Knecht, Assembly District 40

I seek re-election to continue helping build a bright future here for people and businesses. In 2002, folks elected me to protect their pocketbooks, improve education and support families. Because I kept my word, Assembly Republicans were able to stop the tax-and-spendersa job-killer taxes and save 450 good Carson jobs.

We took a reasonable position at the start, and then offered the only compromise proposal on budget and taxes. When powerful Las Vegas special interests rejected it, we held to our principles and were strong enough to stop their worst excesses.

For 2005, I sponsor the major bills for the Republican Contract with Nevadans, those for: restoring tax fairness and allowing no tax increase, water resources and policy, comprehensive education improvement, limiting the growth of government and taxes and restraining costs of health care, insurance and housing by tort reform.

I’m straight on the issues, not evasive. I don’t need a poll to tell me where to stand. I do my homework and speak from my heart, mind and soul. Being a devoted husband to my wife, Kathy, and doting father to our daughter, Karyn, and fully involved in our community, I share your Nevada Values and seek your vote.