Ruby Jee Tun |

Ruby Jee Tun

Name: Ruby Jee Tun

Party: Democrat

Office sought: U.S. Senate


Number of years in office: None

Occupation: Teacher

Address: 801 Armory Lane, Carson City

Phone number: 884-9786


Education: MS Secondary Education, UNR doctoral candidate

Previous experience: None

Religious or civic organizations you belong to:

Reason for running: I cannot watch another election go by in which I am not a participant because my moral compass has informed me loud and clear that the current practices of politics are wrong and are no longer serving the greater good of its people. I feel that I am the most qualified candidate to serve Nevada because I am of those who have to make difficult decisions every month about what can and cannot be afforded. I am a part of a much larger voice that is not being heard. I will not tolerate that silencing any longer. In addition, because there is so much corruption and arrogance associated with so many government branches, I will not participate in the practice of accepting donations or contributions to fund my campaign.