Rules, rules, rules on the way for parks in Fernley |

Rules, rules, rules on the way for parks in Fernley

Teya Vitu

FERNLEY – Looks like pooper scoopers will become the rule at Fernley’s four parks.

The Fernley Town Board likely will also limit skateboarders to the skate park as comprehensive park rules are established for a first time in Fernley.

These rules, as presently drafted, will also ask golfers to take their pitching wedges to the golf course.

Fernley’s parks include the endearingly named In Town and Out of Town parks, the newer Green Valley Park and the newest, Dr. Rick Johnson Memorial Park in Fernley Highlands.

Later this month, Town Manager Gary Bacock plans to present the Town Board with numerous suggestions to update the minimal park regulations that make up Fernley’s Ordinance No. 1 from 1984.

As the rules stand now, they mostly involve how fast (15 mph) and where you can drive a vehicle. A few other rules address camping (only with prior approval), glass containers (a no-no), leaving rubbish (ditto) and selling alcohol.

“We want to have better use of our recreational facilities,” Bacock said. “We want to have more awareness of proper care of parks. Problems with skateboarders prompted many of these issues.”

Fernley has a skate park at the In Town Park, but skaters are intrigued by just about any smooth surface and edges. Bacock will propose limiting any skating or rollerblading at parks to the skate park.

“We’re restricting skating to one location,” he said. “(Without a rule), next thing you know tables are messed up.”

Many of the new rules, like the skateboarding restrictions, recognize booming population growth in Fernley. More people in town bring more people to the parks with more ways to recreate.

Bacock sees that more people requires park rules more in line with bigger cities.

A pooper scooper law, perhaps, is the official acknowledgement that Fernley has arrived in the modern day. Bacock in fact looked over Carson City’s and Reno’s park rules for ideas.

If the pooper scooper law gets Town Board approval, pet owners who bring their animals to the park will have to demonstrate they can clean up after their pets.

For special events, Bacock favors banning dogs outright.

“We don’t need dogs prancing around during special events,” Bacock said.

Bacock believes the parks don’t need golfers either now that Fernley has a golf course with a driving range. He said people hitting golf balls at the park keep other people from using the park.

“Plus, when hitting a certain way, it digs up the grass,” he said.

Bacock initially proposed a “no loud music” rule but the town park committee rejected that idea and it will not be brought before the Town Board.

The real big city touch will be the signs that come with spiffing up the rules.

Signs will instruct park visitors to call the Town of Fernley if a hazardous condition arises; call 911 in case of an emergency with directions to the nearest pay phone; call the parks department to report a maintenance problem.

A sign will also remind people that park facilities may be reserved in advance.

The Fernley Town Board has the final say on establishing rules for parks. Generally, the board only makes recommendations to the Lyon County Commission but Fernley has full control of the park system and the town’s sewer and utilities.

“Because of increased usage, we want to ensure that the parks will be around for a while,” Bacock said.