School and Sports |

School and Sports

by Jon Bass

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Jonathan Bass at the Carson High School football field on Thursday evening.

School is OK. it’s not something I like to do everyday. Sports, on the other hand, are something I like to do every day. Sports and school go hand in hand. If some people don’t do their homework, they don’t get to do sports until they bring up their grades.

The coaches and teachers don’t want dumb players. They want them to graduate and get a good education. To play sports, some people have to have at least a “C” average to play (no Ds or Fs).

The athletes of Carson High School are well-educated. We have the best educated athletes who play all of our sports. The school has won several awards to show for it.

School is something we have to do even though we don’t want to. I mean, waking up a 6 a.m. in the morning is crazy, some people wake up earlier than that.

Football or track, for instance, is a different thing. We don’t have to be there, but they want us to come out so we don’t have to try to learn it in a shorter time than usual. If we don’t come to practice, we cannot play that week.

There are some similarities to both of the topics I mentioned. One thing is we have to study and take tests in school.

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On the football field, for example, we have to study and take tests, too, but they are a little different. We study plays, and our tests are a lot harder because our tests are the games we play every week.

In school, our tests are on notes, homework and lectures. In football, the tests are on how well you are taught and how well you remember the plays. Also, sports and school are the same when it comes to money. There is not that much so we have to do fund-raisers and other things to get money.

Another thing is there is some difference between the two at school, and you don’t get hurt unless you start stuff. In football, you can get hurt any time you step on the field to start playing the game.