Secretary of State gets first campaign reports |

Secretary of State gets first campaign reports

Prospective candidates can’t even file for office until May, but the first batch of campaign contribution and expense reports was due at the Nevada Secretary of State’s office Tuesday.

As expected, the candidate with the most cash thus far is U.S. Rep. Jim Gibbons, the Republican who is leaving his congressional seat for a second attempt to become Nevada governor.

He has a war chest totaling $2.67 million in cash contributions plus $51,850 worth of in-kind contributions.

He has spent $638,459, mostly in setting up his campaign apparatus and preparations including media work. That leaves a bit over $2 million in the bank.

Gibbons ran against Gov. Bob Miller 12 years ago and lost.

Second on the list is Henderson Mayor Jim Gibson, a Democrat who reported cash totaling $1.8 million and in-kind contributions of $13,074. Gibson raised $1.1 million of that total in December alone and, like Gibbons, his list looks like a who’s who of Nevada business and industry from gaming and mining to utilities.

His expenses thus far are $300,671, leaving him $1.5 million in cash on hand.

His primary election opponent, Nevada Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, has been campaigning since the end of the 2005 Legislature in June but lags behind Gibson’s totals.

She has raised $1.15 million plus $15,269 worth of in-kind contributions and spent $167,511, which leaves her about $980,000 at this point.

Gibbons’ opponents in the GOP primary are State Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, and Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt.

Beers listed $396,969 in contributions along with $17,239 in in-kind help. His expenses were $73,273, leaving $323,696 in cash on hand.

Hunt’s report showed a total of $122,155 in contributions and $4,220 in in-kind offerings with expenses of $107,025.

Attorney General George Chanos, a Republican, put his report in the mail. His opponent, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, reported $269,041 in cash donations with $9,934 worth of in-kind contributions. Her expenses were $40,278.

Treasurer Brian Krolicki, who is running for lieutenant governor, reported $636,469 in contributions with $7,942 worth of in-kind help. His expenses were listed at $88,165.

Brian Scroggins, who is seeking to replace Dean Heller as secretary of state, showed $113,916 in contributions, $39,504 in in-kind help and $23,072 in expenses.

Kate Marshall, a Democrat seeking to replace Krolicki as treasurer, reported $70,367 in contributions and expenses of $5,200, while Kim Wallin, running for controller, showed contributions of $27,150 and expenses of $2.95.

In local races, both declared candidates for Carson City’s Assembly District 40 filed their reports. Incumbent Democrat Bonnie Parnell listed $19,535 worth of contributions and expenses so far of $14,138. Republican John Wagner listed $492 in contributions and $103 in expenses.

Other incumbent lawmakers with multi-county districts who filed by Tuesday included Tom Grady, R-Yerington, and John Marvel, R-Battle Mountain. Grady listed $11,250 in contributions and $17,698 in expenses. He had $34,134 in cash left over from his previous campaign.

Likewise Marvel listed $10,505 in contributions and some $32,000 from his previous campaign. He had $15,547 in expenses.

Reports for most of the candidates are expected to trickle in over the next few days. As long as they bear a postmark of Tuesday or before, they meet the deadline.

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