Sen. Harry Reid names leadership team |

Sen. Harry Reid names leadership team

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., on Wednesday named his leadership team for the 110th Congress.

The group consists of three veteran staffers plus one new hire to work with new Reid Chief of Staff Gary Myrick on policy and strategy.

“From skyrocketing health-care costs to the intractable war in Iraq, enormous challenges await the 110th Congress,” said a statement from Reid. “To meet our obligations to the American people, we’re going to have to work in a bipartisan manner. We’re going to have to work harder, and we’re going to have to focus on results.”

Penny Lee will be Senior Advisor for Communications and Outreach. She will oversee all communications operations to advance Reid’s agenda as Majority Leader and that of the Senate Democratic caucus.

For the past 18 months, she has served as executive director of the Democratic Governors Association.

A key member of Reid’s team for the past two years, Darrel Thompson will continue as Senior Advisor for the 110th Congress with increased responsibility and oversight for national constituency operations. He will also handle the Nevada responsibilities of outgoing Chief of Staff Susan McCue while continuing to handle issues related to organized labor, the African American and Faith Communities. Before joining Reid’s staff in 2005, he was chief of staff for Barack Obama’s Senate campaign.

Randy Devalk will serve as Senator Reid’s policy director, providing legislative strategy for the Majority Leader’s office and Democratic caucus.

A 20-year veteran of Capitol Hill, Devalk has been involved in every major policy debate in Congress in recent years. Prior to joining Reid’s team, he was a senior strategist to former Democratic Leader Tom Daschle.

Ron Weich becomes Chief Counsel and will advise Reid on policy issues involving legal and constitutional questions.

Weich has worked for senators Edward Kennedy and Arlen Specter on the Judiciary Committee. He began his legal career as a prosecutor in New York City.