Senate conitnues work while Assembly eases toward end |

Senate conitnues work while Assembly eases toward end

The Senate continued working through remaining bills as 10 p.m. approached Monday.

Meanwhile,Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, announced that body was on hold until they received more work from the Senate. Assembly members filled the time by making their end of session remarks to each other.

A total of 25 of the governor’s 41 vetoed measures have been voted on and overridden by the Legislature. Another 11 vetoes were sustained.

Of the five remaining measures, three were on the Assembly Chief Clerk’s desk. Two were in the Senate but not acted upon.

One of the final measures facing the Senate is SB212 which reforms the state’s initiative petition process in an attempt to meet federal court requirements. The measure requires that petition gatherers collect a certain number of signatures in each of Nevada’s congressional districts.

That language will be in effect for the next two years. After that, the definition would change from congressional district to petition district but indications in committee were those petition districts would pretty much mirror the state’s congressional districts.

The Senate voted to accept an Assembly amendment on the subject, which enrolls the bill and sends it to the governor.


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