Senator Square: Carson High teacher publishes her latest short story |

Senator Square: Carson High teacher publishes her latest short story

By Phil Brady

As Carson High School teachers and students return to school, from, hopefully, a relaxing winter break, would it not be great to know one of their teachers recently published a short story? CHS Language Arts Department teacher Brigette Pugh is excited to share her latest published piece of writing.

Pugh said, “I have a short story in the latest issue of Feels Blind Literary.” Pugh has a diverse professional experience in academic, non-profit, and private sector environments and more than a decade of professional experience working as a freelance writer, graphic designer and copywriter. Not only did Pugh teach composition at University of Nevada, Reno, where she worked with inter-disciplinary students from diverse backgrounds, she also taught analytical literature and creative writing, multi-disciplinary research writing, administrated the writing center workshop program, and worked as a writing center consultant at Virginia Commonwealth University. About her short story “Stray”, a retelling of Bisclavret, by Marie de France, a 12th century werewolf story made new, Pugh said, “The seed of this story started in an undergrad Medieval Women’s writing class with Dr. Charlotte C. Morse and grew into a short story during my Master of Fine Arts graduate-level degree workshops, and here she is full grown and ready to share with the world.” Pugh’s short story is free to read and easy to find by going to


Dear Abby, my name is John McDougall and I represent the Pay It Forward Project. I want to assist you as I appreciate your community involvement and desire to assist others in need of assistance. So I want to issue a community challenge. I will match up to $500 in cash donations for the project you are doing. The funds would have to go directly to one of the two organizations you mentioned and would be paid via a donor advised fund we use, so if you raise $100 in cash, we would match that; if you raise up to $500 in cash, we would match that. So get out and challenge our community and let us see what happens. To tell you about the Pay it forward Project, since 2015 we have supported students assisting others in school via school projects and scholarships. We grant annual scholarships at the following schools: South Tahoe High School, Whittell High School, and Lake Tahoe Community College; plus, this year for the first time, we are excited to add Carson High School to our list of schools. Our link is, Thank you for what you are doing in your community. It is much appreciated and needed. For more information about the Pay It Forward Project, email John McDougall at


The Senator debit card was designed by students through a contest held by Greater Nevada Credit Union. More than 60 students entered the contest, and a panel of students, teachers and Greater Nevada representatives selected the top three designs. The winning students were then asked to combine their designs into one to meet VISA criteria, and they received approval from the card company. Any CHS student, age 16 or older, may apply for the newly-designed card and its accompanying checking account with a parent’s permission. Greater Nevada’s Education Branch is located inside CHS near the attendance office. The 250-square-foot branch opened in 1996 to give students an opportunity to receive real-world job experience, earn class credit, and learn to manage money. The branch is open during the school year, and the students who work there participate in a financial literacy class and undergo training at GNCU. Many of the students who have worked at the education branch have gone on to careers at GNCU, a full-service financial cooperative which has served Nevada consumers since 1949. Anyone living or working in Nevada is eligible to join the credit union. For more information, visit


Carson City business owners may purchase an advertisement section in the yearbook, multiple sizes available, to help support the CHS program. It is super easy; business owners simply need to go to, search for Carson High School, select shop, and select business ad. They may then upload a predesigned ad, or they may design their own ad online. They may purchase a full page, ½-page, or ¼-page section. Please, businesses of Carson City, work this type of advertising into to support the physical publication of the CHS Senators’ yearbook.


Students at CHS, those who enjoy dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, visual arts, and even the special arts for students with disabilities, are being asked to participate in unleashing their inner artist in this year’s PTA Reflections contest with $500 available in prize money.

The 2020-2021 theme, ‘I Matter Because…,’ calls for unique artistic interpretations. Students may enter in the appropriate division for their grade, and may pick up submission guidelines and an entry form in the CHS Library, from CHS teacher Wendy Tims in room 233, or online at

Submissions must be entered at the CHS Library by Jan. 15. Visit the Reflections virtual art gallery to learn more about prizes and scholarships at Questions, see CHS teacher Wendy Tims in room 233, email her at, or call her at 283-1759.


Ever wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt, Zip Line down a volcano, whitewater raft down a jungle river, or eat a guinea pig? Come with Advanced Placement Seminar, Honors US History, World History, and Adult Education CHS teacher Benjamin K. Spence, M.Ed. on one of three exciting trips beginning this summer to Costa Rica, Peru, and Egypt.

Ride camels, navigate the Nile, and experience life with a new perspective; it is more affordable than people think.

See Mr. Spence in room 247, or email him at for details.


Solutions tutoring, mandatory for failing freshman, is taking place in-person and online. There is academic support for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Health, Chemistry, English Language Learners, and Special Education. Mondays will offer Online Solutions tutoring with Ms. Hampton, via the Solutions Google Classroom and Zoom, whereas Tuesday through Friday will offer in-person tutoring from 2:05 to 4:00 p.m.

Students will check in with Program Coordinator Hannah Etchison in room 163 at 2:05 p.m. Snacks and drinks are available. Students are allowed to only attend Solutions on their designated cohort days. There is a bus available running at half capacity. Morning Homework is offered by CHS Physical Education teacher Jared Hagar Tuesday through Friday from 6:40 to 7:40 a.m.

The Google Classroom code is tpvpnv2. For information, call CHS Program Coordinator Hannah Etchison at 283-1688, or email her at


CHS is offering ELL tutoring on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school in room 233 with CHS teacher Monica Flinchum. The class will go from 2:05 to 4:05 p.m., and a late bus will be available along with drinks and snacks. There are only two weeks remaining in the semester, so it is imperative students stay on track to graduate.


Good money, normal hours, and a truly safe and familiar place to work, the Carson City School District, and CHS in particular, is hiring students to become stewards of the facility.

Wages begin at $10 per hour, along with 15 or more hours per week, Monday through Friday. Students must be 16 or older, and they get to choose which school site within the district they would prefer to work. This could be the beginning of a new career.

Three letters of recommendation from teachers, administrators, former employers, etc. are needed, and students must be passing all their classes and have good attendance. If absent from school, then students would be unable to work that day.

Those hired will work with a Lead Custodian to clean, mop, scrub, and vacuum floors, dust furniture and equipment, and clean windows, along with other custodial duties. To apply, go to


The CHS Athlete in the Spotlight is Nicholas Batien. “I was inspired to become an athlete because I am naturally competitive, and I enjoy competing to better myself” Nick said. “I competed in basketball as a freshman, and I am currently participating in Varsity Track and Field, which is my sole purpose for the remainder of my high school career” Nick added.

Currently, Nick maintains a 4.0 GPA and a weighted GPA of 4.40. During school, Nick desires to have a junior and senior Track and Field season where he reaches State level competition again to win a State championship.

After graduation from CHS, Nick said, “My goal is to compete in Track and Field in college and earn degrees in athletic training and physical therapy.” Nick’s motivational quote comes from James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens, who was an American track and field athlete and four-time gold medalist in the 1936 Olympics. Owens said, “We all have dreams, but in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, self-discipline, and effort.”

In speaking with younger athletes, Nick said, “I can inspire up-and-coming athletes by being a leader and by providing a good example to the younger athletes through hard work and determination.”

Congratulations to Nick on being nominated CHS Athlete in the Spotlight.


Congratulations to Adam Gurklies, a freshman, on being nominated as the CHS Student of the Week. According to CHS Physical Education teacher Jared Hagar, “He was a terrible student when he first came to my class, but he has really pulled a nice 180 and is now one of the better students I have in class.”

Hagar, his nominating teacher, went on to say, “The effort he has been putting in has really impressed me the past couple months, and I want him to know I recognize what he has done and appreciate his participation in class.”

Employees within Carson City School District nominate the CHS Student of the Week, and it is often the students’ teachers who do the nominating though anyone in the district may do so by sending an email to


Heidi DeLeon-Saenz is an incredible example of what determination, intelligence and hard work will produce. With a 4.3 GPA, Heidi strives to always do her best in her many challenging Honors, Advanced Placement, and Career and Technical Education courses.

At Carson High School, Heidi has completed the CTE Health Science pathway, is CPR certified, and is currently studying Pharmacy Tech practices at CHS. Heidi is also on track to receive a Bi-literacy diploma, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Beyond academics, Heidi thrives in CHS’ extracurricular Future Health Professionals HOSA program where she has participated, and continues to participate, in many events, fundraisers and competitions. Heidi stands out because of her humble disposition, her kindness toward others, and her ability to remain organized and driven.

After high school, Heidi has been accepted to UNR and hopes to participate in the Women in Science Program while she studies pre-med. There is no doubt Heidi will continue to contribute to the Carson City community when she becomes a doctor one day one.

Congratulations, Heidi!

– Contributed by CHS Counselor Bridget Gordon-Johnson.

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS.