Shelly Aldean, Carson City Supervisor |

Shelly Aldean, Carson City Supervisor

I am running to carry on the work I began when appointed to the Carson City Board of Supervisors in January 2003. Carson City is at an important crossroads in its development as a community as it faces unprecedented competition for retail sales tax dollars and struggles in its transition from a “rural” town to an “urban” area.

• We must re-establish Carson City as a center of commerce for retailing and manufacturing by promoting a business-friendly image and participating with local business organizations in active retention and recruitment efforts;

• We must focus on primary job creation and provide for the health and safety of our residents;

• We must look for cost-effective ways of reducing traffic congestion on our surface streets;

• We must capitalize on our historic resources by completing the reconstruction of the V&T Railroad and by promoting other types of cultural tourism;

• We must safeguard our water resources through infrastructure upgrades and prudent management practices; and

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• We must continue to balance the environmental needs of the Tahoe Basin with the socio-economic needs of the region.