Shenanigans in the Klondike |

Shenanigans in the Klondike

Mrs Wickersham (Andra Woolman)Ê demands that Sergeat Doorite (Brent Kidd) find her lost husband.

The Misfits Theater Group is presenting an original melodrama, “Klondike Gold or Shenanigans in the Far North,” directed by Jan Duke and written by Tony Thornburg.

Performances are at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, with and a matinee at 3 p.m. Saturday.

All performances are at Odeon Hall, 65 Pike St., Dayton.

The story takes Kirsten Kinkel, Mistress of Ceremony, back in time.

Kate Sawbucks or Klondike Kate, as she is called, is doing a profitable business in the Klondike Trading Post and Saloon. Mrs. Wikersham shows up to look for her lost husband at about the same time that Stalking Horse, Smiling Caribou and White Dove come to the Trading Post to negotiate a deal for the Far Northern Shy End’s furs. Sergeant Ransom Doorite and White Dove meet and ultimately fall in love.

In the meantime Jock LeRat has discovered a fabulous lode of almost pure gold. Unfortunately it’s on Far Northern Shy End land. Kate and Jock plot to kidnap Stalking Horse and force White Dove, as Reagent of the Tribe, to sign over mineral rights to them.

Fortunately for all, Sergeant Doorite is on the case. He unravels the kidnapping plot, proves that LeRat murdered his former partner Walter Wickersham and asks Little White Dove to marry him. All is well that ends well.

The Misfits are also introducing the Klondike Kids in an folio after intermission; Sheriff, Luke Duke, Dolly and Molly. Contact Carol at 775- 246-9622 for tickets, which still are only $10.