Sheriff candidates collect the most loot in Lyon |

Sheriff candidates collect the most loot in Lyon

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

The four candidates for sheriff are leading the pack in fundraising in Lyon County this election year.

Ron John has raised $22,119, and he loaned his campaign $18,019 of it. Contributors kicked in $4,100.

After himself, his largest contributors were Dwight and Deb Dimit of Dayton, who gave $500.

Another sheriff candidate, Bob Kahn, reported $2,188 in campaign contributions, with the largest donor being Daniel Howard of Stagecoach with a $500 contribution.

Allen Veil raised $13,579 in his campaign for sheriff, with Dacote Co. in Reno giving $5,000, P&S Forms LLC in Yerington offering $3,500 total. Veil also received $638 from Sheriff Sid Smith.

Candidate Charlie Duke’s form was not available. Duke said he filed with the Secretary of State’s office in Carson City instead of the Lyon County Clerk’s office in Yerington. A spokesman for the Secretary of State elections division said Duke’s information was sent to Yerington by mail, but had not yet arrived.

Duke said he raised $15,657. He received $5,000 from his mother-in-law, Wanda Cottwitz, of Dayton, whose contributions came in the form of purchases; and $5,000 from Johnson and Manley Co. of Tucson, Ariz., whose owner Duke said is an old college buddy. He received $1,000 contributions from his mother, Edna Duke, of Las Vegas; Rick Zierenberg of Silver Springs; Rockin’ Rodeo Corp. of Los Angeles; Sierra National Corp., of El Cajon, Calif.’; and NV50 of Mound House.

Candidates were supposed to have filed all their campaign contribution reports to the county by Wednesday, but Trisha Umphries of the Lyon County clerk’s office said some may be in unopened mail.

“We’ve been so busy with early voting, that we haven’t had time to go through the mail,” she said.

In addition to the candidates, a political-action committee calling itself Lyon County Citizens for Responsible Law Enforcement raised $3,500. Though they didn’t give any funds directly to a candidate, the group ran advertisements promoting Duke and criticizing other candidates. Steve Markoe, of Dayton, who signed the PAC documents, could not be reached for comment.

In the race for the District II seat on the county commission, Democratic candidate Charlie Lawson’s raised the most at $8,505. His biggest supporter was COI Inc. of Stagecoach, who donated $4,000. In addition, Kathryn Crosby of Genoa, Roland Weddell of Carson City and R. Heifers LLC of Yerington, who all donated $1,000.

Republican incumbent Chet Hillyard raised $500 from the RAHA Corp. of Carson City and $250 from Robert Hughes of Hawaii.

The RAHA Corp. also donated $400 to Democrat Pat Geurts of Silver Springs, also running for District II commissioner. Geurts raised $900 total, with his other contribution being $500 from Sheshe Investments LLC of Carson City.

Larry McPherson, running for the Republican nomination for county commissioner raised $100, but didn’t list the name of the contributor. State law requires donors of $100 or more to be named by the candidate.

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