Sierra Lutheran High School moves curriculum online, reopens |

Sierra Lutheran High School moves curriculum online, reopens

By Brian Underwood Sierra Lutheran High School
SLHS teachers Danika Neal and Lynn Ballantyne collaborate on curriculum delivery

Sierra Lutheran High School will reopen Thursday with a comprehensive online program that integrates digital platforms Google Classroom and Zoom to maintain the school’s college prep initiatives.

The use of Google Classroom, which, according a 2017 EdWeek MarketBrief, is utilized by 68 percent of of public school districts nationwide, and Zoom, a video conferencing tool prevalent in the corporate sector, will provide Sierra Lutheran students a blend of powerful tools to ensure continuity of education during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Our principal, Dr. Tami Seddon, our faculty, and staff have done a phenomenal job of coalescing important digital platforms and tools to welcome our students back Thursday,” Director of School Development Brian Underwood said. “We’re also very proud of our student body, who all participated in beta testing to confirm access to technology and curriculum.”

To help ensure the attainment of instruction minutes, while allowing for the availability of faculty and staff to be accessible for questions, tutoring, and general assistance, Sierra Lutheran will be employing a modified block school day. This schedule will feature rotating student classes each day, with digital office hours built in for students to get assistance.  
“I’m really excited to get back to school,” said freshman Maia Washburn. “It’s really good to get back because it’s home.

“It’s so special that the Sierra Lutheran faculty and staff worked so hard to make sure we still get a great education during COVID-19, with such professionalism,  when so many others are not.”

To help students combat potential feelings of isolation during the state-mandated school closures, Sierra Lutheran will continue to offer daily devotions, taped chapel messages, and digital coffee time with students after school hours.

“In this time of uncertainty, we want to provide social and emotional support for our students as we are on an everyday basis,” SLHS English teacher and Student Government advisor Katie Allin said. “To that end, we are going to provide ‘coffee with a teacher group chats’ where students can gather together with a teacher who is volunteering their time to facilitate. 

“These “fireside chats” – outside of our scheduled class time – will allow our students and teachers to connect in a lighthearted way for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.”

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