Silver Springs GID to hire lawyer in dispute with county |

Silver Springs GID to hire lawyer in dispute with county

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Faced with what they see as a hostile board of county commissioners, the trustees of the Silver Springs General Improvement District are getting a lawyer.

The GID board has voted to begin looking for legal counsel to represent them in situations where the Lyon County assistant district attorney can’t – such as in a dispute with the commissioners.

Citing complaints of alleged mismanagement issues, staff and board turnover, and an inability to meet long-standing goals, the county commissioners are looking for ways to reorganize the Silver Springs GID. The reorganization could lead to the dismissal of all current GID board members with the county commissioners becoming ex officio trustees.

Before now, Assistant District Attorney Steve Rye has provided legal counsel to the GID.

“As it stands, the assistant district attorney does not represent the GID, they represent the county,” GID Chairman Bob Freeman said. “The county’s been very helpful, but we need to get new legal counsel to represent us when there is a conflict of interest.”

Holler said that to save money, the GID could utilize the county’s legal experts when there is no such conflict.

“I think we should go to Steve (Rye) first, and if he can’t handle something, then we can go to another attorney,” he said.

The county commissioners have directed Lyon County District Attorney Leon Aberasturi to look into how the GID can be reorganized. They plan to revisit the issue in the future.

Lyon County Commission Chairman Bob Milz said he thought the GID already had attorney George Beniesch representing him, but added an attorney won’t make a difference if the commissioners decide to take over the GID.

“We have every legal right in the world as far as NRS 318.953 to do so,” Milz said. “All we would have to do is pass an ordinance that says we will be the board. Whether or not that’s going to happen is another story. I can’t predict what’s going to happen.”

Milz emphasized that the board does not want to take over the GID, but will if necessary.

“Nothing has changed as far as the commission is concerned,” he said. “If they can’t handle the thing and move into the next millennium on a positive note, than we will.”

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