Silver Springs to get a new fire station |

Silver Springs to get a new fire station

Nevada Appeal File Photo In this photo from 2006, volunteer firefighter Danial St. Clair walks past fire gear in the Silver Springs Volunteer Fire Station. A new station should be ready to be moved into by November.

By Karen Woodmansee

Appeal Staff Writer

By November, firefighters in Silver Springs will be able to move out of their cramped station on Fort Churchill Street into a brand-new facility.

John Gillenwater, fire chief for the Central Lyon County Fire Protection District, said the new station will be bigger, more modern and greener.

“It comes with solar power,” he said. “It will be set up so that it can have addition built in the future for crew’s quarters.”

The station will cost more than $1 million and paid for with tax revenue from the district, Gillenwater said.

He said the solar heating would help the district cut costs in the future.

“We’re putting a lot of effort into energy conservation and we’ll have a solar field,” he said. “When you heat your garage, and open the door, all that heat goes out, well that happens to us too. With fuel prices what they are, this will help our heating bill, since we have about 330 days of sunshine.”

He said the solar system won’t help at night much, but concrete holds heat pretty well, so they should be OK. The solar system will not be used to generate electricity, only heat.

Gillenwater said the new building will have exhaust systems, better meeting rooms, men’s and women’s bathrooms with showers and lockers and a better designed kitchen and office area, things the old building lacked.

He said the station used in Silver Springs now was built by volunteers with donated materials, and needed to be upgraded.

“We always need more volunteers, and we’re hoping the new station attracts some new volunteers,” he said.

The Silver Springs station is staffed by volunteer firefighters.

Gillenwater said the CLCFPD board hasn’t decided what to do with the old station once the new one is built, but he said they might put it up for sale.

Ground will be broken for the new station at 11 a.m. March 30 at 4030 Deodar St., Silver Springs. It is expected to be completed by November.

“The District is very excited about this,” Gillenwater said. “This new station will help us to continue to provide the very best service to the citizens of the community.”

If You Go

WHAT: Lyon County Commission meeting

WHEN: 11 a.m. March 30

WHERE: 4030 Deodar St., Silver Springs

CALL: 246-6209