Sisolak issues school reopening rules including reduced social distancing |

Sisolak issues school reopening rules including reduced social distancing

Gov. Steve Sisolak has issued a directive setting the rules for re-opening schools in Nevada.

The rules include reducing social distancing requirements for pre-K, kindergarten and middle school students to three feet. He said that is in line with the recommendations by the American Association of Pediatrics.

The physical distancing for high school students and staff will remain at six feet.

The directive makes face masks mandatory for all students and staff. Exemptions can be approved if cases where a medical condition is documented by a doctor.

Face masks are required without exceptions for adults in schools including parents, vendors, volunteers and visitors.

If someone tests positive, they are required to follow quarantine and isolation protocols. That applies to presumptive cases and to those who have contact with a presumptive case.

The directive also sets out a process where variances to the protocols can be allowed in areas where virus transmission rates are sufficiently low enough that a variance won’t endanger students or staff.

Those variance applications have to be reviewed by the state Education Department and approved by the state’s chief medical officer.

Superintendent Jhone Ebert said the goal is to recognize the distinct needs and conditions of each district and school providing flexibility while maintaining a safe learning environment.

Finally, the directive reinstates distance learning rules, including the option of paper correspondence for students who may not have devices or Internet service.