Sisolak: Nevada COVID numbers improving but too soon to reopen |

Sisolak: Nevada COVID numbers improving but too soon to reopen

Gov. Steve Sisolak told reporters Thursday the Labor Day weekend that starts Friday will be a major test for Nevadans.

He said Nevada is making progress against the coronavirus but that he doesn’t want to see another surge because of the third major holiday weekend of the summer.

“We had a major setback after the Memorial Day weekend,” he said. “Another after the Fourth of July.”

He urged people not to have large gatherings this weekend because it is those private parties that are the single biggest factor in spreading the disease.

He wants to make progress, but that it can’t happen too fast.

“I’m proud that people are wearing masks, proud they are hand sanitizing, proud people are willing to compromise and not have large gatherings,” he said.

Sisolak said Nevada’s numbers including the infection rate, percentage of positive tests and death numbers are all improving but that could change rapidly if people don’t continue to socially distance, sanitize and wear masks.

He said he is urging university and college presidents in Nevada to crackdown on frat and sorority parties to prevent the spread because, “the virus is looking for a way to spread.”

He said reducing or eliminating restrictions too soon could bring the disease roaring back as it did in early July.

Sisolak said the state is still trying to get money to landlords who are behind on their mortgages but that he has extended the moratorium on residential evictions another 45 days. And he said the federal government has advised him Nevada is very likely to get the added $300 a week offered by the president even though the state can’t afford the extra $100 a week because the state doesn’t have it.