Sisolak signals coming end to ban on evictions, mortgage payments |

Sisolak signals coming end to ban on evictions, mortgage payments

Gov. Steve Sisolak has issued a series of directives signaling an end to the ban on evictions and other actions for failure to make rent and mortgage payments.

The primary directive in the list of five strongly encourages landlords and tenants, property managers and mortgage companies to enter voluntary agreements to make up missed payments. It urges landlords and tenants to make those repayment plans reasonable to both sides.

It directs that no evictions can occur for nonpayment of rent once landlords and tenants have entered into a repayment agreement and that any legal actions filed before reaching a repayment agreement must be dismissed once that agreement is in place.

The materials posted late Thursday make it clear that both commercial and residential tenants must make up the rent payments they have missed during the economic shutdown.

The directive states that all summary eviction notices to vacate served before March 30 when he originally blocked evictions are deemed void.

It says the directive barring evictions for nonpayment of rent and the prohibition on any late fees or penalties will expire Aug. 31 at midnight.

Commercial landlords, however, can reinstate or move forward with evictions and notices to vacate a premises or begin foreclosure proceedings at the end of this month, June 30, but any such notices must be refilled, the directive states, voiding any and all such notices and action filed between March 30 and the date of this new directive.

Finally, it states that all provisions of the directives protecting tenants during the shut down expire at midnight Aug. 31.