Sisolak signs bill to ensure mail-in elections |

Sisolak signs bill to ensure mail-in elections

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Gov. Steve Sisolak said Monday he has signed Assembly Bill 4, the bill ensuring that Nevadans can vote by mail-in ballot in the November elections.

The measure is designed to provide every active registered voter with a mail-in ballot they can use instead of showing up in person.

But the measure also provides that every county provide physical locations where people can vote in person if they so choose. The measure was strongly opposed by Republicans claiming, without evidence, that mail-in voting is open to massive voter fraud. Those claims come all the way from the top — President Trump. But some states such as Colorado have had huge mail-in voting numbers for years without any problems.

In addition, zt the direction of Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, Nevadans voted primarily by mail-in in this year’s June primary and she and her office reported minimal problems.

Sisolak said his job as governor is to ensure that all qualified Nevadans have the ability to vote and don’t have to choose between that right and the safety of their health. He said AB4 does that.