Sisolak: ‘We are not rounding the corner’ on coronavirus |

Sisolak: ‘We are not rounding the corner’ on coronavirus

Gov. Steve Sisolak said Wednesday that anyone claiming the state and nation is “rounding the corner” on the coronavirus is lying.

“We are not rounding the corner,” he said during his Wednesday press conference. “Anyone who says to the contrary is lying, trying intentionally to deceive people to let their guard down.”

Sisolak was joined by Caleb Cage, the director of his Coronavirus Task Force: “That narrative is deeply disrespectful to the health care workers and to everybody else working to control the virus.”

Cage said the 14-day positivity rate for new infections is almost at 10 percent in the Silver State.

Sisolak pointed out the new Allegient football Stadium in Las Vegas holds 65,000 people.

“Every day, 70,000 people are contracting this disease,” he said — enough new infections to more than fill the Raider’s new home.

He also objected to people demanding that Nevada “open up,” saying, “Everything is open now except one school district in Southern Nevada.”

Asked about Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the Reno airport Thursday, he and Cage said they have agreed to safety guidelines including 250 maximum people.

Sisolak said he hopes the vice president and his organizers keep that agreement because violating them would be “knowing he’s putting the health and safety of 3 million Nevadans at risk by what could be inappropriate behavior.”

Sisolak said he is working every day to balance the health and safety of Nevadans with opening up the economy. He said the key to winning that battle lies with Nevadans.

“We must remain vigilant in the fight against COVID,” he said adding that means wearing masks over the mouth and nose, social distancing, sanitizing hands and avoiding large crowds.

And he urged people to get flu shots because hospitals don’t need to fill limited bed space with flue cases when they need beds for virus cases.