Six South Tahoe High students arrested after campus brawl |

Six South Tahoe High students arrested after campus brawl

William Ferchland
Nevada Appeal News Service

Two fights and a report of a shooting forced South Tahoe High School to lockdown its campus on Monday as law enforcement personnel searched the area then arrested six students, authorities said.

An investigation after the initial report ruled out any shooting or gun at the school, according to South Lake Tahoe Police Lt. Marty Hale.

“The only weapons verified were a jack handle and one set of brass knuckles,” Hale stated in a release.

The lockdown began shortly before 10 a.m. Monday and lasted for an hour and a half. Classrooms were locked and entrances to the school were blocked as law enforcement conducted a search.

Hale said some of the students involved in the fight admitted to being in gangs, but he didn’t believe it was the main factor in the fight. The first fight likely stemmed from a weekend argument, while the second involved the friends of the students in the first fight.

Principal Ivone Larson said Assistant Principal Jack Stafford twisted his back trying to break up a fight, but declined medical attention. Stafford will be out of school for the rest of the week.

Students were ordered to stay beneath their desks during the lockdown. Senior Ashley Rumble, who was in English class during the lockdown, thought school administrators did a good job but wished for more information.

“We were supposed to be reading our play, but during lockdown, we did nothing. We sat under our desks,” Rumble said.

Senior Christina Baghdikian said rumors were flying.

“Cell phones definitely played a big part in spreading news and rumors,” she said.

Empty rooms at the school’s office area were used to question nearly 40 students, Hale said.

Heightened security and more foot patrols will be instituted for the rest of the week, Larson said. He added there were some minor fights at the campus this school year.

“I hope not to see it again,” Larson said. “I hope it de-escalates as we work together.”

The names of those arrested were not released because they are minors. All involved in the fights were students at the school, Larson said.

Charges included suspicion of fighting and possession of metal knuckles.