Slow opening day for Kings on the Sacramento River |

Slow opening day for Kings on the Sacramento River

By Don Quilici

ANNA LAKE, CALIF: Sally Chimarusti of Carson City said that this lake is her favorite lake and not to give any report. So, there is no report for Anna Lake.


Gary Olson of the Bishop Creek Resorts (760-873-4484) reported:

Intake No. 2: Stocked last week and that resulted in good fishing.

Power Bait and nightcrawlers brining in a lot of fish. It is spectacular right now.

North Lake: A popular spot for float tubers. Has been good with Power Bait or nightcrawlers.

South Lake: The fishing remains very good.

Trolling with a nightcrawler or red-headed Matuka fly has been great.

Weir Pond: Has been very good for fly fishing. Using Royal Coachmen, Hornbergs or green-bodied Mosquitoes.

Bishop Creek: A 5-pound, 8-ounce rainbow and a 2-pound, 5-ounce rainbow, both taken on Salmon eggs.


Sabrina Lake: Carolyn Webb of the Lake Sabrina Boat Landing (760-873-7425): There were lots of limits still coming in from the Inlet on nightcrawlers, Salmon eggs or Power Bait.

Gold/red lures were the hot item for trollers, along with Woolly Buggers, Rapalas and flashers with a worm.

The lake is stocked on a regular basis by DF&G, who stocked on Friday, July 12th with pan-size rainbows along with 25 trophy-size trout.

No word yet on the stocking permit from the DFG to be able to stock from a private hatchery Ð Alper’s Ranch.



Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (530-694-2930) said reports continue to come in of good fishing at both Upper and Lower Blue.

Nothing big but good action.

This is probably the best fishing in this general area at this time.

Go prepared with repellent for mosquitoes.

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR, CALIF: Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store (760-932-7707) said, “Pretty much the same as last week: The fishing is still excellent for the boaters. Most of them are stillfishing with nightcrawlers or Power Bait. A few are anchoring and throwing small lures like Panther/Martin.

The fish are coming up to the surface for the midges and they are bumping the surface until about noon, each day.

The successful spincasters have been catching their fish in the top 1-2 feet of water.

EAST CARSON RIVER AREA, CALIF: Brad Davis at the Carson River Resort (877-694-2229) reported the fishing was doing real well over weekend and then completely shut down on Monday. Then, it picked right back up on Tuesday morning with limits being reported on nightcrawlers and Salmon eggs.

There have been several 5-pounders caught near the resort.

Calif. F&G planted the river with 1,500 pounds of rainbows last week.

Dave Kirby reported that Thomas Jelderks of Valencia, Calif. caught a 2.5 pound rainbow on a yellow Roostertail lure.


The “Dog Days of August” are here already. The water is very low and clear. You need to watch the sun casting your shadow on the water and how close you come to water.

Larry Minihand of Gardnerville caught a 5.75 pound rainbow on orange Power Bait.


DAVIS LAKE, CALIF: Chuck at the Grizzly Store and Resort (530-832-0270): The shore fishing has been good since the Fourth of July at Mallard Cove with Power Bait or worms.

Trolling is fair to slow, but better in the early a.m. or late p.m. Best action is in front of Mallard Cove or in the main channel from boat ramp to island. Troll 15-25 feet deep with Needlefish lures.

FEATHER RIVER AT OROVILLE, CALIF: Kirk Portocarrero reported 8,000 CFS is the water release on the Feather.

Fishing for Kings this last week slowing down. Fishing is fair to good, up and down.

When caught, chrome king salmon are bright fish, 12-25 lbs., occasional 30 pounder.

Back-trolling Flatfish lures, green & gold, T-50’s.

Starting to catch a few on roe.

Fishing between Oroville, CA and Gridley.

The limit is 3 salmon per person.

HEENAN LAKE, CALIF: Will open Sept. 3.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR. CALIF: The algae is blooming, the fishing has slowed down, the water is getting warmer and the fish are deep.

KINNEY RESERVOIR, CALIF: Don and Elaine Quilici of Carson City caught and released their limits of rainbows on Sunday. They were fishing from shore with barbless hooks, three Salmon eggs on the hook and no sinkers.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Is closed to cutthroat trout fishing until Oct. 1.

RED LAKE CALIF: Dave Kirby reported that brothers Cameron and Tyler Daniels of Redding, Calif. caught their limits of brook trout with worms and Power Bait, just off the bottom.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, CALIF: Kirk Portocarrero of Outdoor Adventures Sport Fishing, Redding, Calif. (800-670-4448) sent in this report:

Redding to Anderson: Water flow is 15,000 CFS.

Fishing for rainbow trout is great with 15-30 fish days. Catching and releasing wild, trophy rainbows, up to 6 pounds. Using Pheasant Tails, Prince Nymphs, Caddis patterns and egg patterns.

Red Bluff: Opening day for King Salmon was very slow. A couple of fish caught the whole day from a couple of hundred boats. The fish are coming up, but shooting upriver and not sticking around to be caught. Don’t despair, as this should pick up as more salmon make their way into the area. Watch for fishing to improve as the weeks pass. Fish count over the Red Bluff Diversion Dam is 1,722 King Salmon as compared to 1,518 last year, same date.

LAKE TAHOE – North Shore:

Mickey Daniels of Mickey’s Big Mack Charters (800-877-1462) said: “We’ve been catching our Mackinaw trout early in the morning and I’ve been tagging and releasing the smaller ones.

The fishing has been very consistent, but nothing super big.

I troll 250-550 feet deep in the deep-water area in front of Carnelian Bay and King’s Beach.

We are using silver, Herring Dodger flasher blades with live minnows or large Apex lures.”

Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Charters and Tahoe Trophy Trout at South Lake Tahoe, Calif. (530-544-6552) said he is trolling with a short leader, Herring Dodger flasher blades and live minnows at 150-300 feet deep in the Dollar Point, Cal Neva Point and Tahoe City areas.

LAKE TAHOE – South Shore:

Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Charters and Tahoe Trophy Trout at South Lake Tahoe, Calif. (530-544-6552) said he is trolling in the Camp Richardson and Baldwin Beach areas with a short leader, Herring Dodger flasher blades and live minnows at 160-280 feet deep.

LAKE TAHOE – East Shore:

Gene St. Denis said that Cave Rock Shelf has been producing mostly smaller Macks.

Jiggers are doing the best.

The Macks are running 1-3 pounds with nothing over 5 pounds.

TOPAZ LAKE: Chuck Fields of the Topaz Lake Marina (775-266-3550): Fishing is really quiet. About all we have out here are water skiers and jet skis. The lake level is still dropping. The water temperature is currently 74-76 degrees.

They are only catching an occasional fish here and there.


Lower Twin: The Twin Lakes Resort (760-932-7751):

Fishing has slowed down due to the warm weather.

Inflated nightcrawlers have been working the best.

A 3-pound, 14-ounce rainbow with Power Bait.

Upper Twin: Mono Village (760-932-7071) reported:

A 3-pound, 13-ounce rainbow on Chartreuse Power Bait.

A 3-pound, 12-ounce rainbow on Rainbow Power Bait.

A 3-pound, 20-ounce rainbow on Chartreuse Power Bait.

Robinson Creek: A 2-pound rainbow on a nightcrawler.

VIRGINIA LAKES, CALIF. AREA: Jim Reid reported that these lakes are doing great with just about anything. They are consistently good with Woolly Bugger or Matuka flies, Power Bait, Panther/Martin lures or Thomas Buoyant lures.


East Walker (Calif.): Jim Reid said that Nymphs are working the best. Fishing with dry flies has slowed down. Water flow is 195 CFS.

West Walker (Calif.): Jim Reid said the anglers are using bait or small spinners or flies.

East Walker (Nev.): No report.

West Walker (Nev.): No report.

Little Walker (Calif.): Good for small rainbows and brookies on worms or Salmon eggs in the Willow Flat area.

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR NEV: Dennis Dunn at the Wild Horse Resort (775) 758-6472 said, “The weather is beautiful.

It has slowed down a little, probably due to the heat but everyone is catching fish.

Lots of perch, some very nice trout and some large catfish.

The best fishing seems to be at night.

Fly fishing is hot early in the morning or late in the evening with olive, green or brown Woolly Bugger flies.

They are still working on the highway and will be for the rest of the summer.”