Some miscellaneous information about fishing in the State of California |

Some miscellaneous information about fishing in the State of California

Don Quilici

Last week, I offered some suggestions as to where you might want to go fishing for the Opening Weekend of the California Fishing season.

This week, I’m offering some miscellaneous information about fishing in that state. Hopefully, some of this information will keep you out of trouble with the “Friendly Old Game Warden.”

You need to be aware that as of last Jan. 1, anyone who fishes in the “Golden State” is required to have a 2006 fishing license.

That is elementary, Dr. Watson!

If you plan fish in California (or for that matter, anywhere else!), be sure that you have a valid license.

Geez, that goes without saying!

The money you spend for that license will be much less than the fine, if you get nailed by a game warden for fishing without one.

If you need a California license:

License costs:

The 2006 Non-Resident, annual fishing license is $94.00 per person.

A 10-day fishing license will cost you $34.90.

A two-day fishing license will cost $17.60

A one-day fishing license will be $11.30.

A second rod stamp is $10.75 and enables anglers to fish with two poles on ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

The second rod stamp is not legal on streams and rivers.

Where to buy a license:

According to the California Department of Fish and Game (Calif. Dept. of F&G), California licenses and stamps are available at many license outlets in this general area such as:

Carson City: Long’s Drugs and Wal-Mart.

Douglas County: The Angler’s Edge, Raley’s and Scolari’s Market in Gardnerville.

Douglas County: The Sierra Pines Country Store at 2621 Kayne Ave. in Minden.

Douglas County: Avid Fisherman at Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe.

Douglas County: O’Malley’s Fishing Charter at Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe.

Douglas County: The Topaz Lodge at Topaz Lake.

Lake Tahoe: Village Ace Hardware at Incline Village.

In addition, Calif. Non-Resident licenses are also available at many other nearby locations such as the Woodfords General Store in Woodfords, Calif.

For California license information:

Call the Calif. Dept. of F&G, License and Revenue Branch in Sacramento at (916) 227-2245 during normal business hours or go to their website at

Special Note No. 1:

Anyone fishing in California must wear their fishing license where it is readily visible above the waist. If you don’t, you run the risk of being cited by the game warden and it could cost you big dollars.

Special Note No. 2:

The Nevada fishing license period is on a totally different type of year from California. The current 2006-2007 Nevada fishing license began on March 1 and is good through Feb. 28 next year. Plus, you don’t need to wear your Nevada license where it can be seen.

Opening Weekend info:

Last weekend’s California fishing opener produced mixed results, all up and down the Eastern Front of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Many streams, creeks and rivers are either bank full or over their banks.

Most ponds, lakes and reservoirs are brim full of water.

Here are some of those results:

Bishop Creek: A 3-pound, 7-ounce rainbow.

Caples Lake: Still iced over but advised to stay off the ice.

Convict Lake: A $10,000 tagged fish was caught on Opening Day! A record total of 7,000 fishermmen on Opening weekend!

Bridgeport Reservoir: Record crowds. Great fishing. Lots of 3-4 pounders. A 6-pound, 10-ounce rainbow and a 6-pound, 8-ounce brown.

East Carson River: Very high and muddy. A 4-pound rainbow.

West Carson River: Running very high and muddy. A 6-pound, 8-ounce rainbow on Salmon eggs.

Indian Creek Reservoir: A 4-pound rainbow on a Roostertail.

Intake No. 2: A 9-pound rainbow on a green Mini-Jig Stinger.

Kirman Lake: Ice free.

Red Lake: Still iced over but advised to stay off the ice.

Sabrina Lake: Anglers had to walk from the locked gate at Aspendell. Awesome fishing!

Topaz Lake: A 3-pound, 14-ounce rainbow on a nightcrawler.

Lower Twin Lake: Lots of browns caught. Lots and lots of rainbows caught. Largest rainbow was 5-pounds, 8-ounces.

Upper Twin Lake: A 4-pound, 13-ounce rainbow on Power Bait for Miguel Arellano of Yerington.

East Walker River: Was very good on Saturday for fly fishermen.

West Walker River: Blown out. Very high, fast and muddy.

Virginia Lakes: Buried somewhere under the snow and ice. Road still closed.

• Bet Your Favorite Pigeon

Bet your favorite pigeon that he can’t tell you where Don Q fished on that Opening Weekend.

If he grins and says, “Don and Elaine spent the weekend working in their yard to avoid the Opening Day hordes of people and the high, muddy water in the creeks and rivers,” he wins this bet.

• Don Quilici is the Outdoors editor for the Nevada Appeal.