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Spincaster catches himself while fishing at Walker Lake

Don Quilici

BLUE LAKES AREA, CALIF: Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (530-694-2930): “It’s pretty darn quiet up here (Woodfords Station), but at least the weather is nice and the sun is shining today (Monday morning).

CAPLES LAKE, CALIF: Doug Busey of Douglas County reported that a representative of the Caples Lake Resort said that there is one foot of snow on top of three feet of ice at the lake.

DAVIS LAKE, CALIF: Andy at The Gilly Sporting Goods Store in Sparks (358-6113): It was froze over, it thawed and then it froze again. My advice to everyone is: “DON’T go out on the ice.”

FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR, CALIF: Andy at the Gilly: Same report as for Davis Lake.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR, CALIF: Dave Kirby said that he drove into the reservoir by way of the dirt road from Diamond Valley. He could see lots of fish jumping along the east side.

There is some ice along the edges, but it is mostly open.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR, CALIF: Doug Busey reported that he and Steve Lightfoot caught a number of trout, from shore last Saturday, using their “Secret Bait.” Most of the trout were in the 7-9 inch class. Their largest was 2-pounds, 6-ounces.

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Linda Molino of the Pyramid Lake Store (775-476-0555) reported: “The fishing has been better during the week than on the weekends. There are fewer fishermen and they are catching more fish.

The south end of the lake has been really muddy from all of the water coming into the lake.

The fishermen, who normally fish the south end, have been fishing further north and are not doing as well.

George (Pyramid Lake Charters) has been out trolling. They have been catching a lot of fish, but nothing big.”

PYRAMID LAKE, NEV: Andy at the Gilly, “The spincasters have been doing good with all different kinds of colors of Sierra Special Spoons. Some of the colors being used are red/black dots, green/black dot and watermelon.

The fly fishermen are fishing at The Nets and just north of Warrior Point. Their choice of color is brown or copper.

They have caught some Cutts in the 6-7 pound class. They are catching 3-4 fish in a half day.”

SILVER LAKE, CALIF: Mona at Kay’s Silver Lake Resort (209-258-8598): There was someone out ice fishing over the weekend, but I don’t know how he did.

We normally only get about 1-2 ice fishermen on a weekend.

The lake is completely froze over, but it just froze over, by the dam, so the ice is very thin at that location.

LAKE TAHOE – North Shore:

Mickey Daniels of Mickey’s Big Mack Charters (800-877-1462): “The fishing has been good, when I can get out. We have been catching Mackinaw trout early in the morning. Tagging and releasing the smaller ones. We have been catching lots of fish, but nothing big.

Trolling the deep-water area in front of Carnelian Bay and King’s Beach with silver Herring Dodger flasher blades with live minnows or large Apex lures.”

LAKE TAHOE – North Shore:

Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Charters and Tahoe Trophy Trout at South Lake Tahoe, Calif. (530-544-6552): “We have been trolling with Herring Dodger flasher blades and live minnows at depths of 150-280 feet, along the edges of the drop-offs.”

LAKE TAHOE – South Shore: Gene St. Denis: “Fishing has been poor to excellent, dependent on the day, at Ski Run Mound, Ski Run Shelf and Camp Richardson. We have been trolling 150-300 feet deep with silver Herring Dodger flasher blades and live minnows.

Our biggest brown was 25 inches and our biggest Mack was 36 inches.”

TOPAZ LAKE: Chuck Fields of the Topaz Lake Marina (775) 266-3550 reported: ‘They were doing real good last week. Everyone was catching limits, mainly in boats. It was a long day to catch your limit from shore.

The average fish was about 1.5 pounds from shore, while the average for the boats was about a pound or slightly smaller.

The best shore fishing was over on the northeast side, past the county park. They were using green or rainbow Power Bait.

The best boat fishing was down the middle of the lake.

Walter Foulenfont of Carson City caught a 4-pound, 6.25-ounce rainbow by “The Rocks.” He was trolling a blue Rapala lure at a depth of about 20 feet.

Don Richter of Los Angeles, caught a 4-pound 2-ounce rainbow on a orange Rapala lure, and his brother Jerry caught a 3-pound, 7-ounce rainbow on a Fire Tiger Rapala.

TRUCKEE RIVER, NEV: Andy at the Gilly: Do not fish. The water is way too high and it is a chocolate brown in color.

WALKER LAKE, NEV: Last Thursday, Jack Cooke, Norm Budden, Don Hettrick, Marty Martinez, Jerry Pieretti and Don Quilici, all of Carson City fished all morning in their chest waders. The fishing was only fair, at best, until about 8:30 a.m. when the bite stopped. The weather was very cold and windy. The biggest catch of the day was when Pieretti caught the back of his coat with his own lure.

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR, NEV: Linda at the Wild Horse Resort (775) 758-6472: “The temperature is 1 above (Monday morning at 10 a.m.). It got down to 14 below, last night.

Everything if frozen solid.

We have about 6-8 inches of snow and there are 18 inches of hard ice on the reservoir.

The trout are in shallow water (2-10 feet) and the perch are down about 20-30 feet.

The are catching lots of perch and some nice trout.

Fish with small, white-colored, lead-head jigs with a plastic tail, together with a tiny piece of worm, mealworm or cocktail shrimp on the hook.

Drop that combination down to the bottom, bring it up about 1-2 turns on the reel handle and slowly jig, up and down.”