Stage One Tour Qualifying starts today at Dayton Valley Golf Club |

Stage One Tour Qualifying starts today at Dayton Valley Golf Club

Larry Windsor

9:00 AM 1 Jonny Baxter, Alex Kang, Johnny Ruiz

9:00 AM 10 Charlie Stubbs, Adam Ball, Samuel Del Val

9:10 AM 1 James Love, Luke McClellan, S.J. Park

9:10 AM 10 Matthew Garcia, Ben Geyer, Kevin Foley

9:20 AM 1 Max Marsico, Daniel Zuluaga, Richie Schembechler

9:20 AM 10 Ryan Ellerbrock, Tim Carey, Michael McGowan

9:30 AM 1 Chris Gilman, Jake Johnson, Tain Lee

9:30 AM 10 Blake Sattler, Felipe Velazquez, Max Greyserman

9:40 AM 1 Paul Imondi, Matt Marshall, Jake Sarnoff

9:40 AM 10 Brent Quade, J.P. Brown, Patrick Grimes

9:50 AM 1 Neil Johnson, Jesse Heinly, Dylan Healey

9:50 AM 10 Nick Delio, Jordan Rodgers, Tyler Weworski

10:00 AM 1 Lorens Chan, J. Creel, Matt Pridey

10:00 AM 10 David Vanegas, Dusty Fielding

10:10 AM 1 Zach Rezentes, Russell Grove, Chad Wilcox

10:10 AM 10 Trent Virden, Blake Abercrombie, Hugo Bernard

10:20 AM 1 AJ Kang (a), Patrick Simard, Jered Stone

10:20 AM 10 Won Kim, Matt Gurska, Patrick Flavin

10:30 AM 1 Mikey McGinn, Roman Robledo, Ian Maxwell

10:30 AM 10 Kirk Thomas II, Gustavo Morantes, Nick Eberhardt

10:40 AM 1 Eric Hallberg, Joel Skarbo, Benjamin Shur

10:40 AM 10 Kaleb Gorbahn, Edward Olson, Joshua Anderson

10:50 AM 1 Kyohei Nomura, Jack Gustafson, Ricky Hearden

10:50 AM 10 Jimmy Makloski, Hanseop Lee (a), Grant Booth

11:00 AM 1 Jay Hwang, Mitchell Mather, Li Wang

11:00 AM 10 Johnnie Greco Jr, Patrick Sato, Christopher Crawford

Tee times are set for the field of 78 players that begin play today in Stage One Tour Qualifying at Dayton Valley Golf Club. The 72-hole tournament gets underway at 9 a.m. barring frost delay with players teeing off in threesomes from both the 1st and 10th tees and the last time at 11 a.m.

Local players highlight the field with former Nevada Wolf Pack golfers Grant Booth and Kaleb Gorbahn along with Reno McQueen High graduate Trent Virden. Their tee times for the opening round are:

Virden off No. 10 tee at 10:10 a.m., Gorbahn off No. 10 tee at 10:40 a.m. and Booth off No. 10 tee at 10:50 a.m. They should finish each round in approximately four and one-half hours.

Wednesday’s tee times will flip with the local players having the earlier tee times off the first tee. Third and fourth round times on Thursday and Friday will be based upon scores.

The field includes 38 players who have previously played in a Dayton Q-school including 23 who were in the 2017 field. Fourteen players in the field advanced from Pre-qualifying tournaments that began the qualifying process for the 2018 Tour season.

This is the sixth-time Q-school for the Tour will be conducted at Dayton Valley and continues a record run of 24 consecutive years of PGA and Tour qualifying at Dayton Valley Golf Club.

Dayton Valley is one of 12 sites across the country hosting First Stage qualifying tournaments during the last week of September and first two weeks of October. Second Stage qualifying will be played at five sites in November.

The Final Stage will be played Dec. 6–9 at Whirlwind Golf Club, Devils Claw and The Cattail courses, in Chandler, Ariz.