State college savings plan offered |

State college savings plan offered

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Parents who want a nest egg that will pay their children’s college tuition can enroll in the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Plan any time between now and today and runs through December 14.

There are four plans offered through the state’s treasurer’s office Two and four year community college plans and two and four year university plans.

The program takes a lump sum payment from parents, grand parents or other benefactors and invests it on behalf of the future student. When the student enrolls in college, the plan then uses that money to pay his or her tuition.

The prices vary greatly depending on the plan chosen and the age or school grade of the student at the time the plan is purchased since the longer the state has to invest the payment, the lower that payment can be.

For a newborn, the cost for a two year community college plan is $3,645 ” which amounts to 209 payments of $32 a month. A four year university plan purchased for a newborn would require a $17,300 lump sum payment or 209 monthly payments of $147.

For detailed information, contact the Nevada state treasurer’s office.