State issues warning after mountain lion sightings near Mound House |

State issues warning after mountain lion sightings near Mound House

Nevada wildlife officials are warning residents in the Mound House area after several mountain lions were seen east of Carson City.

Ashley Sanchez said the department got a call Sunday saying a lion had killed three goats outside one resident’s home. She said apparently, the same lion returned the following day and killed a duck on the property.

Sanchez said small children should not be outside alone because of the danger and residents should take measures to protect livestock, especially smaller animals like goats. She said they should also bring pets inside at night.

 “It’s important because livestock (and pets) are a lot easier for them to attack than deer,” Sanchez said.

She said one recommendation is to put up electric fencing that will keep deer away from their homes and to pick up fruit that falls from trees and other potential foods that might draw deer.

Sanchez said the property owner shot and killed the lion that killed the duck, which she said is legal because the cat was attacking her livestock.

She said lions are normally more active at dawn and dusk, not daytime, but an autopsy of the cat showed it was in poor condition and probably very hungry.

The recommendations are also important in other parts of western Nevada.

“We’re all surrounded by mountain lions,” she said adding that people are often surprised there are lions in this area. “They are in that area because of the livestock.”