State receives more elections money |

State receives more elections money

Nevada has received another $10 million in funding to help improve the elections process.

Secretary of State Dean Heller said the money is the third payment under the Help America Vote Act. He said that brings the total amount the state has received for elections machinery and upgrades to $12.16 million.

The new money is to help develop a state plan for better administration of the elections process and to help implement a centralized statewide voter registration system.

So far, Heller said he used a total of $9.3 million to buy new touch-screen voting machines for all counties in the state. Those Sequoia Voting Machines devices were used in this year’s elections. Heller said Tuesday he awarded a $4.6 million contract to build and complete the voter registration system.

He said the state plan will address additional funding and uses of remaining federal money to meet the federal requirements.