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Storey County Commission

John Flanagan

Age: 68 years old

Hometown: Virginia City

Occupation: Chairman, Storey County commission

Family: Married with two adult daughters

Political background: Republican, served on the Storey County School Board and as the Storey County Assessor for 16 years

Tell us about yourself:

I am a third-generation Storey County resident. I have a bachelor of science degree from UNR in business administration and economics. I have been employed in various private industry jobs and in state and county government. As a commissioner, I am representing Storey County on the V&T Railway Reconstruction Commission, the Virginia City Convention & Tourism Authority, the Storey County Library Board, the Storey County Senior Center and the Nevada Association of County Officials. I am an honest, hardworking professional with a strong record of service to the residents of Storey County and want to continue in this job.

What should be done about the anticipated increase in growth in the county? How should the commission deal with the increased strain on resources associated with this growth?

Growth is inevitable. The only choice is to plan and manage it. We are surrounded by thriving communities and it isn’t possible to erect a fence around Storey County and prevent any future change. With that in mind, any future plans must address the costs of any additional services, additional infrastructure needed, additional schools required, and most importantly, WATER. In the past, Storey County has refused to deal with these issues and the residents of Storey County are suffering the consequences.

Are you in favor of a toll for Lyon County residents using Six Mile Canyon Road? Why or why not?

In a perfect world, there would be a way for Lyon County residents to get to Reno by using a safer, faster road than Six Mile Canyon. But, there is no other road, so I do believe that all vehicles have a right to travel this road. What I would like to see is NDOT accept the road and maintain it. In absence of that, I favor an agreement between Storey County and Lyon County to share the responsibilities of cost and maintenance. I am not in favor of the toll road.

Contact information:

Telephone: (775) 847-0180


Nick N. Nicosia

Age: 66

Hometown: Virginia City

Occupation: Simultaneously managing editor of Storey County’s newspaper and administrator of its largest church.

Family: Married 44 years; 2 grown sons, 1 daughter

Political background: Staunch “Eisenhower” conservative – registered with both parties over the past 45 years predicated upon issues and leadership.

Tell us about yourself:

Graduated with honors from major eastern university with dual majors in management and marketing; completed graduate work in advanced management at UNR 2004. My hobby is singing, five years Championship Chorus. I served in the U.S. Air Force as a load master from 1961-69 NJANG.

Effectively developed demand for resorts for United, Eastern and Braniff International Airlines, worldwide. General manager for a chain of travel agencies, senior executive, ITT, senior marketing manager for $20/$100 million commercial/industrial corporations; member, Northern Nevada Development Authority.

Community: member of Central Jersey Drug Abuse Council whose mission is to ‘keep kids away from drugs’; Court Appointed Special Advocates, Carson City Juvenile Court, advocate for neglected/abused children; chairman Virginia City’s events committee.

As co-publisher and managing editor of Storey County’s only newspaper, I gave up my salary to campaign, attended county meetings, including commissioners, Planning Commission, VC Convention and Tourism Authority, V&T Railway Commission, School Board and developed insight into both the relative effectiveness of your current and past representatives.

I know ‘it’s time’ to use my management skills to make Storey a better place to live and work. I’m running because ‘it’s time’ to do a better job.

What should b e done about the anticipated increase in growth in the county? How should the commission deal with the increased strain on resources associated with this growth?

It’s time to revise and become pro-active with the county’s Master Plan. (Authored 1984?)

First, your commissioners should respect and represent all residents of Storey County whose representation, for about three generations, has been delegated to a very few inter-related people.

Every community has diversity. Some want change, some want things the way they are and some want things the way they used to be. Majority votes are difficult, needed projects often tabled.

Commissioners cannot be dictators, prescribing and affecting what is “good” for you. Projects passed should not be those that are only significant to the strongest commissioner or their friends.

Commissioners should be mitigators, setting aside theirs’ and their friends’ interests making your county a better place to live and work. Unless that litmus test is achieved all other projects, in the interest of fiscal responsibility, need be shelved.

Commissioners should be your representatives to the state and neighboring counties. They need skills to build those relationships impacting your community. For example, “your” commissioners should have already convinced legislators to maintain Six Mile Road and not affect a dynamic controversy between Storey and our Lyon county friends. It’s Time. Now!

Are you in favor of a toll for Lyon County residents using Six Mile Canyon Road? Why or why not?

The movement for a toll road is predicated upon the need for maintenance.

However, noted above, I know that the future commissions and the Nevada Department of Transportation can assume such responsibility if our future commissioners employ skillful management and communication efforts. It’s time, now, to change course, applying maximum energies to alternatives to the toll road.

Committing itself to short-term fixes, the commission is relegating you and your children to an eternity of problems. That road must be turned over to the state and can be with proper application of logic.

Storey County is almost certain to grow to almost 14,000 people in the next four years as a result of the biggest industrial park in the world resting in our eastern boundaries.

Six Mile must be ready. The creek in the River District must be cleaned and maintained by the Corps of Engineers to minimize flooding – 14,000 votes will persuade our Legislature and new governor to help us make Storey a better place to live and to work.

Contact information:

Telephone: (775) 847-0171

Cellular: (775) 690-8317