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Storey County District Attorney

Anne Langer

Anne Marie Langer

Age: 51

Hometown: Reno

Occupation: Attorney

Family: Engaged to marry Charles Christian

Political background: Republican

What improvements would you like to see happen at the district attorney’s office and how do you intend to implement those improvements?

I’d like to see a more consistent approach in the prosecution of cases. At a recent candidate’s night my opponent stated that there were “hundreds and hundreds” of gross misdemeanor and felony cases prosecuted during his term in office. However, a review of the county court records from Jan. 1, 2004 through July 2006 shows that only 42 gross misdemeanors and felony cases had been filed during the past 2 1/2 years – and 17 of them were filed this year, after the filing period opened for the district attorney race. However, the sheriff’s office records indicated that there were approximately 90 felony arrests since March 2005. The job isn’t done when the criminal is arrested. The job is done when the criminal is prosecuted and held accountable in court. I will do that. Approximately 80 percent of our crime rate is caused by people who are using controlled substances. Offenders need to know if they are using or selling drugs they WILL be prosecuted in a manner to ensure a fair and just resolution for the victim and the offender.

What district attorney function is most in need of additional funding? How would you allocate it?

I have found that Storey County paid approximately $129,000 on outside counsel’s legal fees, which was spent for advice and services regarding civil legal issues since Jan. 1, 2003. I believe I can substantially lower that figure by doing a lot of the work myself. I have experience in addressing civil issues for city government. Occasionally, there will be issues where outside counsel is needed, but my goal is to substantially reduce this expense. My understanding is the Storey County district attorney’s office has a legal secretary and a paralegal who both work 35-hour weeks. If I were to ask for any additional funding, it would be to make the two positions full time, 40-hour positions. This would provide the additional staff time needed to work in-house to reduce the costs of outside legal counsel. I’ve also found that a great deal can be accomplished with very little money. In Carson City, we recently formed a mental health court without initial funding. The Carson City District and Justice Courts, DA’s office, Public Defender’s Office, state and city probation officials and local health-care professionals worked together to put the time in to get the job done.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

Experience and enthusiasm are the primary differences. The 1st District Court comprises Storey County and Carson City, so I am familiar with our court system. I have worked 17 years in the Carson City DA’s office, with the past nine years as the chief deputy prosecutor. My opponent has been in office for one term. I have had approximately 30 jury trials in my career; my opponent has had one jury trial while in office. I have prosecuted everything from traffic tickets to murder and I know what it takes to be responsible for high-profile, complex cases. I currently manage a team of five attorneys, four legal secretaries, and an investigator. I know the office team in Storey County will be myself and two staff members. I will bring that same team approach to my relations with county departments. During this campaign, I find that the residents of Storey County care strongly about their community, and a great majority are looking for change. I can bring a positive change to Storey County. I have the common sense and enthusiasm to do this job well.

Contact information:

Telephone: (775) 233-6682


Harold Swafford

Age: 67

Hometown: Virginia City highlands

Occupation: Storey County District Attorney

Family: Married 26 years to Katie Swafford; two sons, William Swafford, age 25, and Oliver Swafford, age 23, both of whom are graduates of Virginia City High School and the University of Nevada, Reno.

Political background: Elected Storey County District Attorney, 2002

What improvements would you like to see happen at the district attorney’s office and how do you intend to implement those improvements?

As the county grows the caseload increases correspondingly. Traffic citations and arrests have also increased since I took office in January 2003. At that time the position was part-time and the district attorney could have a private law practice. In July 2003, the Nevada Legislature made the position full-time and took away private law practice with a corresponding increase in salary. Storey County’s population is only about 4,000 persons at the present time; however, we have an active tourist economy in Virginia City and three bordellos in the River District east of Sparks which increases activity in Storey County. Present plans call for building a 3,500-residential subdivision in the northeast part of the county over the next 10-15 years, with the first part of that construction to begin in five years. As that building takes place the district attorney’s office will need to consider hiring a deputy district attorney and an investigator for the office. At present, this is unnecessary so long as the district attorney is experienced in both criminal and civil law practice. The caseload for the office requires one full-time attorney at the present time.

What district attorney function is most in need of additional funding? How would you allocate it?

At present, the district attorney’s office, along with the Justice Court, is housed in a modular building near the jail facility on Highway 341 in Virginia City. Plans call for a permanent “Justice Court/District Attorney’s Building” to be constructed in three years. Funding from this project would come from Storey County tax revenues or possibly from bond proceeds.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

First, I have a history of service to Storey County. My family and I built our residence in Virginia City Highlands in 1986. I became a Highlands volunteer fireman shortly thereafter and served approximately five years in that position. During that same period I also served as attorney for the Highlands Homeowners’ Association and as a member of the Highlands Architectural Committee. In 1986, I became a Storey County Little League baseball coach and served in that capacity for eight years. I pay property taxes and am a registered voter in Storey County. To my knowledge my opponent has never lived or worked in Storey County and does not pay taxes or vote here.

Second, I have practiced both criminal and civil law for 33 years. My opponent has practiced criminal law in Carson City for 17 years. She has no civil law experience. A significant portion of the duties of Storey County District Attorney involve civil law, representing the commissioners and county agencies. I also have four years experience as the district attorney.