Storey County Sheriff |

Storey County Sheriff

Name: Stephen Bloyd

Age: 53

Hometown: Virginia City

Occupation: Emergency Management Consultant

Family: Single, no children.

Political Background: Libertarian

What is Storey County’s most pressing law enforcement issue, and what do you intend to do to address it?

The rise in methamphetamine use in the county is a serious problem that affects individuals, families, and society.

Apprehending drug dealers and manufacturers should be a priority. The current sheriff has withdrawn his support from regional agency involvement from Tri-Net. This is a mistake.

In this fight we need all the resources we can possibly get. Multi-agency involvement is paramount to success.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

The biggest difference between my opponent and me is in our management philosophies.

My opponent is more comfortable in a tactical role. He would rather be out in a patrol car writing tickets than doing the administrative jobs that are necessary to provide good management and leadership.

During the recent activities of the “Thunder on the Mountain” motorcycle rally, he was seen directing traffic. In my experience as a trainer of emergency responders, I have noted that stressful situations often cause people to revert to activities within their comfort zone. A major event requires senior level personnel to act like senior level personnel.

An appropriate place for senior personnel is in the command post, not directing traffic. That is akin to seeing the fire chief rolling hose at a major fire.

It is extremely difficult to focus on strategies when you are involved with tactics. Strategic thinkers look at the big picture and not so much on the tasks and tactics. That is the biggest difference between my opponent and me. I am more of a strategic thinker that focuses on the big picture.

Contact information:

Telephone: (775) 847-7512


James G. Miller

Age: 56

Hometown: Virginia City

Occupation: Storey County Sheriff

Family: Wife Chris; 2 grown & married daughters, 2 grandsons

Political background: Republican

What is Storey County’s most pressing law enforcement issue, and what do you intend to do to address it?

My No. 1 priority as Storey County Sheriff is to help ensure that this is a safe community: a safe place to live, to raise your children, to operate a business and to visit as a tourist. Since taking office, I have reorganized the department structure for more effective coverage, increased community involvement and communication, enhanced school safety, improved department training, upgraded emergency contingency plans and increased visibility to help deter crime.

In response to numerous community requests, we have taken an aggressive stance against drugs. Nationwide and in our county, methamphetamine is the No. 1 drug being abused with a corresponding increase in related crimes including burglary, theft, and domestic violence.

I have increased officer training in drug recognition, established our own team to identify users and sellers, enhanced information exchange with other agencies, and offered drug awareness programs throughout the county.

Since I took office, we have made over 120 drug-related arrests! We are doing everything we can to take control of the drug problem. Storey County is setting the standard for effective law enforcement. We have made a difference in our community!

What sets you apart from your opponent?

Because of my extensive law-enforcement background, I am the ONLY candidate with the qualifications, experience, and education necessary for the job as sheriff.

Throughout my career, I have developed and implemented effective law enforcement and security programs from the ground up. I have been recognized for exceptional ability in crisis and resource management, development of standards, and capability of finding innovative solutions in challenging and cost conscious situations.

Some of my areas of expertise include domestic and global emergency planning including monitoring of activist and terrorist groups, risk and threat level assessment, personnel supervision and labor management, problem analysis and overview and budget management.

I have strong communication skills, extensive federal and local law enforcement contacts, and the ability to motivate employees and to implement plans.

With the challenges facing our community and surrounding areas from increased industrial and residential growth, it is critical to have someone with proven leadership, knowledge, education, experience and vision as Sheriff.

I am that man! I look forward to continuing to serve as Storey County Sheriff!

Contact information:

Home phone: 847-7591