Students offer ‘I have a dream’ essays |

Students offer ‘I have a dream’ essays

These pieces were written by fifth-grade students in teacher Ingrid Frenna’s class at Empire Elementary School. Before dismissal Friday, students spent about 45 minutes doing quizzes on Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and finishing up their “I have a dream” essays.

By Danielle Greene

I have a dream for the world and that dream is for people to be more cautious about respecting the planet. The reasons why are because in some countries there are bodies of water that are polluted. Animals (especially sea animals) are being killed because of trash that is thrown all around. I wish this could be changed. This could not be changed without help from you. I see a world without million of people getting sick of everything because of polluted water. I see a world without garbage that animals get stuck in or eat. If we all help out then my dream could become a reality.

By Omar Rubion

I have a dream for the world not to have any wars. No fights in the streets. To have freedom forever. Not to treat other cultures differently.

There would be peace in the whole world.

by Manuel Beltran

I have a dream for the world that is that everybody be happy. I dream that they have fun and that they never fight each other or make fun of others. I hope that everybody loves everybody like teachers and students and play fair always and be good with others. Share stuff with your friends. They have to share too when they bring something. I dream that everybody plays together and don’t ever play unfairly because if you do, you will get in big trouble. That’s why I always play fair in all your life. You will have a good life if you do that.

by Daniela


I have a dream for the world that everybody would be treated fairly, to have peace and also for kids to stay in school.

I want everybody in the world ot be treated fairly because it seems not fair. Some people are treated badly.

Next, I want peace. Like the war, it’s not peaceful. I just want people to get along.

Finally, I want kids to stay in school because it is important.

by Severina

I love my freedom now. But people get too mean. I just want to tell my ideas. The three things I’m going to talk about are: no rumors in school, people get along, and no harm from people to people.

First thing first. No rumors. That means no lies. Especially in bad situations. Also not stealing friends from each other.

Next thing next. People getting along. NO fights at all. No arguments over nothing. No pushing people.

Finally, no harm from people to people. No threatening or fighting.

I just hope I could fight for these things when I’m older. Maybe that will do good. That would be cool if it happened.

by Cameron Arnold

I have a dream that there will be peace on earth. I want everybody to be able to sleep calm at night. I would like everybody to go to school anytime they are allowed to. I mean all this. I want to live in a world with no wars.

I think there should be peace between any country like Iraq, Asia, Africa and the United States. I think there should be no wars. On the behalf of Martin Luther King, I honor him. I have a dream.