Sugarloaf owner hopes guests confirm reservations |

Sugarloaf owner hopes guests confirm reservations

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

When Steve and Carrie Bayley purchased the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel in Virginia City this winter, they found themselves with something of an innkeeper’s nightmare.

Previous owners Donn and Joyce Hinzpeter took the reservation book with them when they left the area, so the Bayleys don’t know who had reservations for 2008 and who didn’t.

Steve Bayley said he realized many people -especially those who come back year after year for the town’s major events – often reserve rooms a year in advance.

“Anyone who made a reservation needs to contact us,” he said. “The Grand Prix is already booked, so if they show up for the Grand Prix, it won’t do any good.”

The Virginia City Grand Prix will be held from April 26-27.

He said the Sugarloaf was also getting close to being completely booked for Street Vibrations, which will take place from Sept. 25-28.

“Any of the big events a lot of people probably booked ahead of time,” he said. “I know we’re going to have some very mad people, but we couldn’t just leave them (the rooms) empty hoping to fill them.”

Bayley said he and some others are trying to track Hinzpeter down to try and get the reservation book, but said Hinzpeter often knew his regulars and the book might just have a name, without a town or phone number.

“Don was kind of informal,” he said.

The Bayleys bought the hotel in a foreclosure sale, and took possession of the property March 1. They have spent the past few weeks fixing the motel up.

“We are open, partially,” he said. “The store isn’t open yet. That will probably be another month.”

He said there were extensive repairs to be done in the tiny corner store that is beloved by locals in a town with no grocery store other than a small store at the Virginia City RV Park and the Virginia City Station.

Bayley said he gets about 10-15 people day coming to the store to see when it will open.

Ten of the rooms are open now that a new siren and smoke alarm system have been installed. Other rooms will open as they are inspected by the Storey County Building Department.

He said many other renovations have been done as well.

Bayley said he and his family were regular visitors to Virginia City, staying at the Sugarloaf several times a year.

This year they sold their ranch and feed store in Hayfork, Calif., and bought the motel.

He’s hoping to straighten out the reservation mess soon, hoping that those who want rooms will call.

The motel’s number is 847-0551, and Bayley said they can call anytime.

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