Sun and smiles shine for Easter fun |

Sun and smiles shine for Easter fun

Andrew Pridgen
Appeal Staff Writer
Amy Lisenbe/Nevada Appeal A large group of two and three year-olds and their parents dash from the starting line to hunt Easter eggs at Governor's Field Sunday afternoon.

As temperatures crept toward a season-high 70 degrees and winter coats were shed in favor of spring whites and pastels, Carson residents soaked in Easter celebrations on a sun-kissed afternoon.

At Governor’s Field, more than 3,000 residents scrambled to collect some 18,000 dyed eggs set out by the Easter Bunny and a few dozen of his volunteer friends.

“It’s a beautiful day,” said Daniel Sanchez. “In lots of ways.”

Indeed, as Sanchez gazed down upon his daughter Vivian, 8, who was busy inspecting her new bike that she’d won at the egg hunt, it seemed difficult to tell whether he was remarking about the weather or the smile on his daughter’s face.

“This is the first year we’ve done the egg (hunt),” said the Carson City resident. “It won’t be the last.”

Others simply settled for collecting mounds of colorful hard-boiled surprises.

“There’s another one – I’ve got so many,” said Caleb Grim, 5. “I think I’ve got about nine eggs.”

Mother Heather Grim said Sunday was just a great day to be out and about.

“It’s about the eggs – and the community, and the kids,” she said.

Nicole Hodges carefully guided stepdaughters Kiana, 3, and Ashanti, 4, around the field looking for the “perfectly colored” egg.

“They have fun,” she said. “It’s just great – but mostly, they want to see the Easter Bunny.”

There seemingly was no rest for the bunny of the hour as he spent the languid afternoon snapping photos in front of the Governor’s Mansion – but he was only the second-biggest attraction of the day.

By 2 p.m. some 600 Carson residents were standing in a serpentine line in front of the mansion, getting ready to snap a photo with Gov. Jim Gibbons and his wife, Dawn.

Children hugged and shook hands with the perma-grinned couple – their demeanor impressing many.

“I’m an out-of-state grandma,” said Elaine Drumm, who accompanied her Carson granddaughters Rachael and Vanessa to the event. “I think it’s so great they do this. You definitely wouldn’t see this in California.”

Carson grandmother Susan Maki accompanied granddaughter Joey Maki, 6, to the photo-op as well – sending similar praise the way of Nevada’s first couple.

“Where else besides Nevada can you see this?” she said. “It’s just really special.”

Maki said Nevada’s first couple’s recently publicized marital strife did enter her thoughts as she approached them – but, on Easter Sunday, a time for families, she said she simply hoped for the best for the Gibbons family.

“They’re such a handsome couple,” she said. “They seem so very nice. I support them, no matter what – no matter what they’re going through.

“And besides, it’s really none of my business.”

Granddaughter Joey Maki said she was just happy to be there.

“I really liked getting my picture taken today,” she said. “Yep, that’s about the best part of this Easter.”