Supervisor candidate says love, understanding of community is needed |

Supervisor candidate says love, understanding of community is needed

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Ward 4 race was decided during Carson City’s Primary Election earlier this month. Richard Staub will not appear on the November ballot. He will be attending the League of Women Voters Forum on Wednesday.

What experience and training do you have that qualifies you for the position?

I have lived in Carson City since April, 1960, 40 years ago. I was 8 years old. I grew up in Carson City and attended Carson City schools. I went to UNR graduating in 1973. I then left Carson City to attend law school and returned to Carson City in December 1976. I have watched Carson City grow from 4,500 people to its current size.

I am married to, Janet, and we have two children, Sam, 14 and Sadie, 11. My mother, brother and sister all live in Carson City. We continue to live here because be love Carson City for what it was and what it is.

Carson City is a clean, wholesome and growing community which we should all be proud of and continue to work together to promote its evolution. That is why people have come to Carson City throughout the years.

I have been an intern prosecutor, state employee, peace officer, lawyer, educator, businessman and a developer.

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What are your top three priorities for the Carson City for the next four years?

We need individuals on our board who are representative of our community and who can bring diversity and objectivity to the board’s composition. I believe I have been such an individual.

When I ran for my first term, I offered a broad platform which included issues such as the freeway, alternative routes throughout Carson City, efficient and accountable government, protection of our tax base and the preservation of our quality of life. Since my election, I can report that we have made significant progress on all of those issues.

The freeway construction has begun and will continue without interruption until completed in December 2010, alternative routes have been prioritized, Stewart Street property acquisition for right of way has been accomplished, a comprehensive and aggressive performance audit program is in place, our tax base remains protected and efforts to improve it are actively continuing, and lastly, our quality of life in Carson City remains excellent and improves with the preservation and expansion of our parks and open spaces.

During my first term, I have served as Chairman of the Regional Transportation Commission and Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Airport Authority, the Community Council on Youth, the Senior Citizens Advisory Board, the Debt Management Commission and Chairman of the Auto Mall Work Group.

An unopposed candidate in my second term, I intend to continue work on all of these issues, looking for opportunities and avenues to maintain and improve our community. Carson City will face diverse challenges in the coming years including growth in our community, putting ever increasing pressure on our community service base, construction of a new Public Safety complex ($8-10 million estimate), maintenance and expansion of our water (5.5 percent increase in fees) and sewer utilities ($8.5 million by 2006; $24.8 million through 2025), effluent storage (lining of Brunswick Storage reservoir $5-6 million), storm drainage ($600,000 annually), and economic development and diversification and the continuing concerns about our retails sales moving to the south. With an already full plate, Carson City and the Board of Supervisors will face even more issues which are not foreseeable at this time, such as the Fire yet those issues will have to be tackled and properly resolved by our government and our community.

I believe I have the experience and temperament to competently continue as your supervisor in Ward 4. I believe I have proven that many times in the last four years on the board. My time on the board, added to my long-term residence in Carson City, gives me the historical and issue-driven background to represent the residents of Carson City, effectively with compassion in the coming four years.