Supervisor challenger says transportation top priority to her |

Supervisor challenger says transportation top priority to her

Rebecca Beisenstein

Candidate: Supervisor Ward 2

What experience and training do you have that qualifies you for the position?

I believe there are certain qualities and skills an effective supervisor should possess. Among those are honesty, reliability, respect for others, fairness, accessibility to constituents, ability to listen, communicate and cooperate, analytical and decision-making skills and the courage to stand up for what is best for the community. Those who know me recognize I possess these skills and abilities.

My experience and training include:

• Graduate of Piedmont High School, Oakland, Calif.

• Resided in Carson City for 26 years, 14 years as a homeowner in Ward 2, a single mom raising a teenage son.

• Worked with 4-H as a leader and camp counselor, approximately five years.

• Progressed from a meter reader to customer service technician with Carson City Public Works Water Operations.

• Graduated pilot program of 1996 Leadership Course for the Empowered Volunteer sponsored by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce

• Completed Master Gardener training through University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

• Currently serve as a board member for Gardeners Reclaiming Our Waysides

What are the top three priorities for Carson City over the next four years?


In the past five years my concerns have centered on the Carson City Freeway – initially called the Carson City Bypass. Now that the freeway is being constructed, it is necessary to change that concern toward resolving the congestion of traffic within Carson City. Consideration of multipurpose paths connecting all areas of the city for bicyclists and pedestrians will improve safety, increase recreational opportunities and perhaps health. Bicyclists need connecting pathways to avoid heavily traveled streets for safety reasons. Public transportation is an important part of transportation. Carson City needs a public bus system that will serve all of the city.


As customer service technician with Carson City Public Works Water Operations, I see the use of water of vital importance to the future of Carson City. As Carson City continues to grow and develop, conservation of water will be part of a continuing education process for the community. The recent Waterfall fire has destroyed all vegetation of our major watershed, which will have a major impact on our water supply.


Continued support of our youth through education, safety and recreational opportunities is a priority.