Supervisors look at Carson Street rights of way acquired from state |

Supervisors look at Carson Street rights of way acquired from state

Carson City inherited a patchwork of rights of way along South Carson Street, shown here between Clearview Drive and Wialaki Street.

The Board of Supervisors on Thursday will take a look at the myriad rights of way Carson City acquired when it took over South Carson Street from the Nevada Department of Transportation.

The board could vote on a plan presented by staff for dealing with rights of way along Carson Street from Appion Way to Fairview Drive.

Much of the property is not needed for the South Carson Street project and is used by businesses for various reasons. According to a map in the staff report, the road is a patchwork of rights of way, some that NDOT previously leased. Staff is recommending a plan for sale, abandonment, lease, or license of the properties.

The board will also hear an update from Tahoe Western Asphalt on the status of its Nevada Department of Environmental

Protection permits.

Mound House residents near the plant at the border of Lyon County have long complained of noxious odors. In response, the Planning Commission amended the plant’s special use permit to operate to get rid of the odors outside its property, which the business appealed to the board. At the same time, the plant is obtaining new NDEP permits which may require new equipment that will solve the issue so the board, which denied part of the business’ appeal, requested an update on the environmental permits.

The board will hear on first reading an ordinance changing the city municipal code’s language on qualifications for supervisors.

According to the staff report, the city’s charter enacted by the Nevada Legislature in 1969 required supervisors to be land owners and the city’s municipal code mirrored that. In 1977, the charter was amended and that requirement was removed, but the municipal code was never updated.

The board has a full-day meeting and will also vote on a $117,378 contract to retrofit the Sierra Room and temporarily use the Bob Boldrick Theater for public meetings; allocating $790,469 in funds received from the federal government to local nonprofits for costs related to the coronavirus crisis; and hear an update on the city’s response to the pandemic.

The board meets at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 20 in the Sierra Room, Community Center, but the meetings are currently closed to the public due to the public health crisis.

To watch the meeting remotely, go to and click on “In progress” next to the meeting date or tune in to cable channel 191.

Public comment can be made by emailing the comment to by 3 p.m. Aug. 19 or during the meeting by calling (408) 418-9388 and using meeting number 146 526 8673. Use the phone number only to make comment.

The agenda is available online at