Surging Elizabeth Warren packs the Carson City Multi-Purpose Athletic Center with supporters |

Surging Elizabeth Warren packs the Carson City Multi-Purpose Athletic Center with supporters

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told an audience that packed the Carson City MAC on Wednesday major changes are needed to restore America’s middle class and make the government work for the people instead of just the very rich.

She said the government works “fabulously” for giant drug companies, oil companies and the rich but not for the people. As a result, she said the middle class has been “hollowed out.”

“That’s corruption pure and simple,” she told the crowd that organizers said totaled 1,550 — a number that dwarfed the turnout for the other Democratic candidates who have come to the capital so far including Bernie Sanders.

She cited the debate over climate change as a prime example.

“If you want to understand the climate crisis we’re in today, it’s 25 years of corruption in Washington,” she said.

That, Warren said, can’t be fixed with a statute or two or a regulation.

“It has to be big, structural change, attack the corruption head on,” she said. “I’m tired of playing defense on this. It’s time to go on offense.”

She said her plan would “beat back the influence of money, end lobbying as we know it, lock the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington and make the United States Supreme Court follow the basic rules of ethics.”

“And make everyone who runs for federal office put their tax returns online,” she added to the cheers of the crowd.

She said the nation needs a president, “with enough courage” to enforce anti-trust laws and new laws to put more power in the hands of workers: “Make it easier to join a union and give unions more power.”

Warren, whose numbers have been rising dramatically in the polls, called for a wealth tax on the mega-rich. She said just 2 cents on every $1 those billionaires make over $50 million would pay for huge changes in the country including universal child care, pre-school, raises for child care workers and teachers. She said that two-cents would also provide tuition free college for students and cancel student loan debt for 95 percent of students.

She called for laws to protect the right of every American citizen to vote and get that vote counted — including laws to, “nullify every racist voter suppression law that’s been passed in this country.”

“One more: overturn Citizens United,” she said referring to the Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates to corporate contributions to politicians.

Warren was briefly interrupted by a man on the upper gallery carrying a Make America Great sign and yelling at the crowd.