Sutro students donate to Relay for Life |

Sutro students donate to Relay for Life

by Karel C. Ancona-Henry
Appeal Staff Writer

By Karel C. Ancona-Henry/Nevada Appeal Sutro Elementary School first- and fourth- graders donated to Curves Dayton's Relay for Life.

Curves Dayton’s Relay for Life Team received a donation of $22.50 from Sutro Elementary School first- and fourth-graders.

Students in Wanda Hanselman and Debbie Berris’ first-grade class and fourth-graders from Heather Kallio and Janet Price’s classes collected pennies for the cause. Penny rolls were handed out, and once a student filled a roll they received another.

“By helping others, we can see nice things happen in our own lives, isn’t that right, class?” Hanselman asked her students.

It was another lesson in how children can make a difference, and also a way for children who have been touched personally by cancer to feel a sense of empowerment.

“I thought about all the sick people and that this is a way to help them,” said Traci Thornton, 9. “I felt since my grandma had died of cancer, I should help out.”

“I feel bad for all the people who are sick and wanted to help them,” said Garrison Meza, 10. “I’ve had people in my family die, too.”

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Kaylee Avera, 10, saw her mother grieve the loss of her best friend.

“It feels good to help and I feel bad for those I can’t help,” she said.

The classes were presented with a certificate of achievement from Curves owner Linda Ennis. Curves also gave each child a Relay water bottle.

“Thanks for helping us reach our goal,” Ennis said. “It was great of them to all help, and they are so darling!”