The Department of Wildlife offers online boat renewals |

The Department of Wildlife offers online boat renewals

By Don Quilici

According to a recent press release by Edwin Lyngar of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, boaters can avoid leaving home, long lines, and mailing material when re-registering boats for this year’s boating season by renewing the vessel registration online with a credit card at, anytime day or night.

This option is available for boats re-registering within the state of Nevada.

“We have built this system as a service to our customers Ð the boating public,” said Steve Bremer of the NDOW license office. “This allows individuals to register boats 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, unlike mail or in-person registration, boaters can use a credit card for the transaction.”

There is a $2 fee to use online registration in addition to the cost of registration that boaters pay. The fee covers the costs of credit card transactions, among other costs.

Besides online licensing, boaters can learn all about boating safety and boating laws in Nevada by visiting website

Special Note: The Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Fallon service counter will be closed for the Thanksgiving holidays beginning November 25 through December 7 due to staff shortages. Fallon residents can save time by re-registering online.

For information, call the Nevada Department of Wildlife in Reno at 688-1500 during their regular business hours.