The Popcorn Stand: Kim Jong Un romphim? No, thank you. |

The Popcorn Stand: Kim Jong Un romphim? No, thank you.

This is the end of civilization as we know it.
Those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know my disdain for the apparent latest fashion trend, romphims — the one piece outfits for men similar to rompers that used to be just for women and children. I still have those nightmares of Millennials in their man buns running around in their romphims.
Well now you’re going to be able to purchase male rompers featuring a close-up photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s face and let me tell you it looks hideous. And it costs $80. What is the world coming to? I thought Millennials were cheap like me and were always looking for a bargain.
But now I hear about how people are spending hundreds of dollars for muddy pants and now this about $80 for male rompers with Kim Jong Un’s smiling face plastered all over them. I still have the idea of just rolling my pairs of blue jeans in the mud and charging $25 for each pair at my dad’s next yard sale.
What’s more the $80 price tag for the Un rompers is advertised as a discount price. They’re supposed to be available in the United States and worldwide in mid-July, but you can apparently order your Un rompers now. I guess that’s to beat the rush.
But again, I’m apparently wrong about this whole male rompers thing because the introduction of romphims in May became a viral sensation, raising more than $45,000 in one day.
Getonfleek, the company that’s selling this Un rompers, also offer rompers with a photo of fried chicken, a print inspired by a jazzy 90s paper cut whatever that is and a cool pineapple.
As for me, I’ll stick to my T-shirt and blue jeans. Without the mud.
— Charles Whisnand