The Popcorn Stand: Tuf Tuf, Pete and Stanley mic’d up |

The Popcorn Stand: Tuf Tuf, Pete and Stanley mic’d up

My two favorite dogs, of course, are my own, Pete the Shih Tzu and Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington Something Or Other) the Jack Russell. As it stands now my third favorite dog is Stanley a border collie in Australia.

There’s a viral video, you can see it here ( of Stanley using this contraption that shoots out a tennis ball. Stanley puts the ball in the contraption and runs over to wait with great anticipation for the ball to come out. He then catches the ball out of mid air.

He then repeats the process over and over again. It’s absolutely awesome. I could watch this video all day. You can watch it here (

Stanley is a dog after my own heart because he and Tuf Tuf have a lot in common. Not the catching the tennis ball out of the air part although I do think it would be hilarious watching Tuf Tuf try to catch a tennis ball in the same way Stanley does.

No the stealing the top of the mic and running off part. I know that’s something Tuf Tuf would do. Those who are at the dog park on Sonoma Street while Tuf Tuf, Pete and myself are there know all about the fact that Tuf Tuf is a ball thief. He has taken a ball that isn’t his and run off on numerous occasions.

Even though Pete is younger than Tuf Tuf, he’s like me an old fuddy duddy. You know Jeff Dunham and his puppet Walter? Pete reminds me of Walter.

And when it comes to the catching the ball out of the air thing, Pete would just sort of look at the ball fly over his head as if to say “what’s the big deal about this?”

So here’s to Pete, Tuf Tuf, Stanley and all the dogs we love. And here’s to Stanley for giving us a different take on being mic’d up.

— Charles Whisnand