Thompson, Giuliani lead local Republican straw poll |

Thompson, Giuliani lead local Republican straw poll

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal Bill Williams, 72, of Sunriver, Ore., votes for a candidate at the Republican presidential straw poll at Mills Park on Sunday.

With under a year until Nevada voters head to caucuses to decide who will represent the major parties in the 2008 presidential election, Carson City Republicans spent their weekend getting a gauge of where their party faithful stand.

They manned a booth at the Carson City Rendezvous, asking Republicans to take part in a straw poll for the upcoming election.

“We thought it would be a good idea because nobody knows how people really feel in Nevada,” said John Wagner, a party volunteer.

Each Republican candidate, either declared or considering running, had a container and visitors were asked to put a piece of straw in the container for the candidate they would most support. There were also containers for undecided and none of these. Only those who indicated they were Republicans were allowed to participate in the poll to make it as accurate as possible.

After three days of voting, actor and former senator Fred Thompson emerged as the leader with 28.8 percent of the vote. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani was second with 18.4 percent of the vote and former governor Mitt Romney finished third with 14.6 percent of the vote. A total of 451 votes were cast.

Many of the people who took part said immigration and the war were major reasons for selecting the candidate that they did.

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“I will chose the one that comes out the toughest on immigration and the toughest on Iraq. I want them to get it done because to me it’s flashbacks of Vietnam,” said Nancy Campbell, of Carson City. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Bill Williams, a vendor from Sunriver, Ore., said he looks at several positions before selecting his candidate.

“I want to know about where they stand on immigration, abortion and this whole mess in Iraq. I don’t want legalized drugs. I don’t want my grandson sitting next to someone at a ball game smoking pot,” Williams said.

Wagner said a lot of people are unhappy with the state of the Republican Party and he always tells them the same thing.

“I tell them that I agree with them, but I tell them not to give up on us just yet,” Wagner said. “There’s a lot of people not very happy with either party or what is happening in Washington.”

He said that good things are still being done, like the work of Gov. Jim Gibbons.

“I admire him for keeping his word. He said no new taxes or fees and he stuck to that,” Wagner said.

Elsie Sutherland, of Elko, said her candidate should fulfill several requirements.

“Pro-life, pro-military, pro-nation and he loves God,” she said. “I think immigration is important. They aren’t going to do anything about it, but they should because it’s a security issue.”

Burl DuBose, of Carson City, said he doesn’t focus in the issues when he looks for the next president instead choosing to focus on something else.

“I look for the character of the man,” he said.


Results of a straw poll conducted by the Carson City Republicans at the Carson City Rendezvous this weekend. Only those who indicated they were Republicans were allowed to participate.

Fred Thompson 28.8%

Rudy Giuliani 18.4%

Mitt Romney 14.6%

John McCain 8.9%

Newt Gingrich 8.6%

Undecided 9.5%

All others 10%

A total of 451 votes were cast.

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