Tips to prevent the flu during holiday travel |

Tips to prevent the flu during holiday travel

Pam Graber
For the Nevada Appeal

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Q: What travel tips are there regarding the H1N1 flu to prepare for holiday travel?

A: As families gather together over the holidays, there is a lot we can do to prevent the spread of the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently kicked off a new effort to keep holiday travelers healthy. The campaign reminds us that extra precautions can help, especially when travelers take planes, trains, busses and ships. Travelers are urged to take these four steps to keep healthy this holiday season.

1. Travel well: This means travel only when you are feeling well.

2. Wash your hands frequently. You can use soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer or wipes.

3. Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissues.

4. Get both seasonal and H1N1 vaccinations (if you are in a recommended group).

The CDC says the most important thing is: Do not travel if you are ill. People with flu-like symptoms should wait to travel until at least 24 hours after their fever has subsided without the use of fever-lowering medications. If you become ill while traveling, you should postpone traveling home until you are well.

Many useful products are available in travel-sizes. Miniature packages of tissues, hand sanitizers, surface wipes and soap and are readily available in drug and grocery stores. “Prevention can be travel-sized,” says a new CDC poster, suggesting the use of these products.

“We know that flu – and specifically H1N1 this year – is a big concern for people, but flu shouldn’t ruin the holidays,” said Dr. Ann Schuchat, MD, director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. “By practicing a little prevention, people can enjoy their holidays and stay well at the same time.”


Who: For those in high priority groups

Where: Carson City Health and Human Services, 900 East Long St.

When: 1-4:30 p.m. Mondays; 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursdays

Priority Groups are:

• Pregnant women

• Children 6 months to 24 years old

• Caregiver’s of infants younger than 6 months of age

• Healthcare workers and EMTs

• Adults age 24-64 with underlying medical conditions

Cost: Free

For Students/Youth:

• Carson City Elementary Schools (2nd Dose): Dec. 2 and 3

• St. Teresa of Avila School (2nd Dose): Dec. 4

• Classroom on Wheels (COW) Bus: Dec. 4

• ABC Learning Center: Dec. 4

• Rochelle’s Place Day Care: Dec. 7

• Shelly Belly’s Day Care: Dec. 7

• Linda’s Nursery: Dec. 7

• Lyon County Elementary Schools (2nd Dose): Dec. 8 and 9

• Dayton Middle School: Dec. 9

• South Lyon Elementary Schools (2nd Dose): Dec. 10

• South Lyon County Middle and High Schools: Dec. 10

• Silver Springs Middle School and High School: Dec. 10

• Fernley High School: Dec. 11

• Sunflower Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec. 11

• Sunshine and Rainbows Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec.11

• Dayton High School: Dec. 14

• Puff N Stuff Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec. 14

• Bethlehem Lutheran Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec. 14

• Robin’s Nest Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec.14

• Douglas County Elementary Schools (2nd Dose): Dec.15 and 16

• Fernley High School: Dec. 17

• Kidding Around Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec.18

• Kids Kind of Place (2nd Dose): Dec. 18

• Little Tykes Too Day Care (2nd Dose): Dec. 21

• Small Blessings Day Care (2nd Dose): Jan. 4, 2010

• Kids Klub Day Care (2nd Dose): Jan. 4

• ABC Learning Center (2nd Dose): Jan. 4

• Little Knights and Maidens Day Care (2nd Dose): Jan. 5

• Wilseya 4 Fun Day Care (2nd Dose): Jan. 5

Some physicians and health care providers in the community have received supplies of the vaccine. People who fall into the priority groups can contact their health care provider to see if the vaccine is available.

• Pam Graber is the public information officer for Carson City Health and Human Services.