Tom Grady |

Tom Grady


1. Name: Tom Grady

2. Age: 69

3. Address: 43 Fairway Dr., Yerington, NV 89447

4. Phone Number & Campaign Web Site: 775-463-2612 (Cell: 775-771-5199);

5. Education: Attended UNR; Washington State Bankers Ag School; Numerous bank & related political classes

6. Profession: Retired banker; former Executive Director for Nevada League of Cities

7. Political Experience: Nevada State Assembly (6 years); Yerington Mayor (1981-1993); Yerington City Councilman (2 years); Nevada League of Cities Executive Director (10 years); Served on numerous state boards appointed by Governors Bryan, Miller and Guinn

8. I am a Nevada native, having been born in Tonopah; but I was raised mostly in the Reno area. My wife, Pat, and I have been married for 43 years and have three adult children: Tina Cordes, a Fernley High School teacher; Tami Harmon, a teacher at Fallon Intermediate; and Tim Grady, a juvenile probation officer for Humboldt County. We also have 7 grandchildren – all of them attending northern Nevada schools.

I have always been involved in community service, including the following: charter member and 21 years with the Walker River Basin Communities Foundation; co-founder and 20 years with the Senior Citizens of Lyon County housing group; past president of the Mason Valley Chamber of Commerce; Life member for Lions Club International along with being a past president of both the Fallon and Yerington clubs and being selected Lion of the Year by both clubs as well; past president of the Lyon County Fair Board; charter member of the Northern Nevada Development District; and many more boards and commissions.

My work experience includes office manager of the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District (Fallon); vice-president and manager for ag lending for Pioneer Citizens Bank of Nevada; Nevada League of Cities executive director; and Nevada State Assembly.

9. I believe my record in the Assembly speaks for itself. I believe in involvement in the process and it is also my belief that we must have more conservative elected officials who believe we must live within our means.

10. In 2003, I voted against the biggest tax increase in Nevada history. I have been very successful in getting my legislation passed during the past three sessions; and I presently serve on the Ways and Means (money) Committee, the Taxation Committee, and the Natural Resources, Mining and Agriculture Committee.

11. My priorities would include budget revisions, water issues and education issues.

12. No, I do not feel new taxes are a solution to the state’s budget crisis. We should review each budget to see if items are based on “want” or “need”. We must change our priorities from taxing to controlled spending, and we must learn to live within our means, just like businesses and individuals are forced to adhere to daily.

13. I would say “never” is a long time. Nobody can predict the future. Tax increases must be voter approved and let’s control spending.

14. Nonessential services, park programs can be cut; and, after a serious and thorough review, cuts can be made in programs that are no longer needed for the health, welfare, safety or education of our citizens. Once again the budget should be based on “need”, not “want”.

15. All areas of the budget must be reviewed for need.

16. First, we must join other states and demand changes to the No Child Left Behind legislation and also demand full funding for any federal mandates. Secondly, we can reduce the scope of the State Department of Education; and thirdly, school boards and school administrations should be held accountable with true goals and measurable results. Lastly, school boards need more financial flexibility to set financial priorities using the Empowerment Plan.

17. We need a complete, honest evaluation of the state prison system. Last session, we needed more prisons, then we were told we could close some units, then the conservation camps were closed (Example: Silver Springs) with no notice. Now more conservation camps are going to be closed. We lose our good fire fighting teams and it is much more efficient to keep people in camps, working than in prisons.

As for the Carson prison, why did we do the expensive bio-fuels project if the prison was closing? Is the entire facility obsolete or just a portion? The director should be accountable unless his intent is just to move everything to southern Nevada with no consideration for our northern Nevada economy, jobs, families and safety. This is pure politics.

18. I will not second-guess the governor. With held from his staff, he recommended or implemented what they felt was necessary at the time. Previous governors have done the same thing in hard times. I plan to wait for the SAGE Commission report to see where we should go. The governor will have a new budget for our review at the 2009 session. This is where we must look at the budget for non-performing areas that can be cut back or eliminated. We need to stop the threatening manner of state departments to close units if more money is not forthcoming. We are in hard times. There is no more money. See how many businesses are closing. Look at your own situation. We must learn to do more with less. The state and federal governments cannot spend their way into prosperity.

19. Yes, I would seek to work with the governor if reelected. I always have. Pointing fingers will do us no good. We must all work together and share ideas. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat problem. It is a Nevada problem. We can adversely affect many of our citizens’ lives if we don’t work together for the benefit of all Nevadans.

20. Yes, re-examining the state’s tax structure should be a priority. Once again, the SAGE Commission could be a place to start. Let’s not ignore their work just because it may not be our idea.

21. Illegal immigration is a problem in Nevada. We must secure our borders and put pressure on our Congressional representatives to make the Immigration Service work with states and local governments to carry out the laws now on the books. And, we need to tighten the penalties on businesses hiring illegals and stop social services and other benefits to illegals.

22. Being a native Nevadan, I am very concerned about Nevada, but also for our country. Fighting each other and finger pointing will not bring us back. We must work together to solve any crisis and we must get control of Wall St., strengthen Main St., get back to sound banking practices, and stop the greed of corporate America. No legislator, state or federal, can do this alone. We must forget about party politics and “who gets the credit” to solve these problems. I pledge to do my part to put civility back into the legislative process to hell all of Nevada.