Tom Riggins: 2021 is looking grim |

Tom Riggins: 2021 is looking grim

By Tom Riggins

Barring a long-shot miracle and Republican leaders growing a backbone, it looks like we will soon have the finest President that foreign money can buy. Joe Biden’s fortune has been obtained by coercing and extorting money from Russia, China, and Ukraine. This is from his own public statements and the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. This is all because of three factors. First is an absolutely corrupt and amoral Democrat party who decided they would stop at nothing to remove Trump.  Combined with that is a national media who completely abandoned their constitutional duty by selectively reporting, suppressing, or outright falsifying the news. Finally, it required the most blatant election fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people. This required complicity between local election officials, state officials, and the judiciary.

The statement that there was no evidence is often made. However, when the courts won’t even allow the evidence to be submitted, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. One only has to look at the Senate election hearing to see the vast amount of fraud that occurred. Yet the media and legal system are so corrupted that with few exceptions they continue to assert that there is nothing to see.

Several questions arise. Who was behind this? If you believe investigative journalist Lee Smith, it was Obama pulling the strings behind the scenes. Smith is a highly regarded journalist and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, and has published several books along with numerous revealing articles. In other words, he has credibility. Perhaps this explains why Obama is the first ex-President to remain in Washington, D.C.

What comes next? As with most people, I suspect Biden is not long for the Presidency. The media is already setting the stage for the grounds for his exit. That leaves as our President the woman who totally misrepresented her heritage and her record in California and who could not even muster one vote in the Democrat primaries. That is Kamala Harris. Don’t be surprised if her nominee for Vice President is Michelle Obama, especially if the Georgia Senate runoff turns out to be as fraudulent as the general election.

The Georgia Senate runoff is critical. If both Republican candidates lose, the Senate will fall under Democrat control. If only one loses, that makes establishment RINO’s like Romney powerful swing votes that will most likely go to the Democrats. Either way, if the GOP loses Georgia, we are in for a rough two years.

Assuming the worst, here are some of my predictions. These are formed from statements of others as well as my own thoughts. Expect many of Trump’s accomplishments to be unwound. His tax cuts will be rolled back, sending more money to the government and less in your pocket. Expect open borders and an influx of South Americans. Reports are that they are already lined up at the border.

We will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. That means we will be carrying the brunt of the cost for the “saving the planet.” Trump’s sanctions on China will be lifted, since Biden is beholden to them. These two will cause gasoline prices to skyrocket, possibly to as much as six dollars a gallon.

All of the Biden/Harris/Obama policies call for more spending. We are nearly at the point where our debt exceeds our gross national product. We, along with much of the world, are extremely vulnerable to events that affect world economies. This could be a so-called black swan event, or possibly a simple supply chain disruption. Either way, Inflation is coming. Expect all commodities, precious metals especially, to increase in price. Here is something else. There is a move to transfer the U.S. to a digital currency. That means no more cash, which means your government can track your every purchase, including ammunition and firearms. Expect a huge move toward cryptocurrencies as a result, especially Bitcoin.

I also expect that 74 million disenfranchised voters will not sit still for what our founders feared, a strong central government. Will all of them take action? Probably not, but I expect a resurgence of something like the Tea Party of the Obama years. Only this time I expect larger participation, increased protests, and possible armed resistance to what many will view as infringements of civil liberties. There are a large number of people out there ready to act if they can find guidance on a course of action. That guidance will come from someone or some group. Happy 2021.