Trump Jr. ignites a Fallon rally |

Trump Jr. ignites a Fallon rally

By Steve Ranson Nevada News Group
Donald Trump Jr. gets a point across to Republican supporters.
Steve Ranson/LVN

President’s son touts the administration’s accomplishments

A fundraiser barbecue lunch, speakers and an auction highlighted another stop in Nevada on Wednesday for the Donald J Trump’s presidential campaign.

The Ranchers for Trump Live Cattle Auction and Rally at the Nevada Livestock Yard attracted hundreds of people who support the re-election of the Trump-Pence ticket to a second term. The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., talked about his father’s accomplishments since taking office in January 2017. Robert Uithoven with the Nevada Trump campaign said law enforcement estimated the crowd at about 800.

“The auction raised a lot of money for the campaign,” he said.

 “It’s all about turnout,” said former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, chairman of President Trump’s re-election campaign in the Silver State. “It’s an all-out sprint to the end. I’m grateful they consider Nevada a priority.”

With less than three weeks remaining before the general election on Nov 3, Laxalt said it’s important to get out the vote. On Sunday, the president spoke in Carson City. He said the enthusiasm at the Wednesday event shows the enthusiasm the rural counties have for the president.

“This is an amazing event, a grassroot event with ranchers,” Laxalt said. “This is our boat parade for Trump.”

Supporters in states such as Florida and Texas have had boat parades promoting the president’s re-election.

“It was good to see the ranchers and the regular folks get together,” said Gary Smith, chairman of the Churchill County Republican Central Committee.

He said a good cross section of people attended the event, and it was nice to see people mingle throughout the day.

Donald Trump Jr. stood on a haystack stage overlooking the crowd. He said his father has built a strong economy and lowered the unemployment rate. Trump said his father ran for president because freedom and country are worth it. He also took on Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, for pushing for every trade deal for the past 50 years and for the Obama-Biden administration for trying to destroy agriculture. Trump agreed with a rancher in the front row who expressed the same sentiments.

The president’s son mixed up his speaking points and moved to his challenger’s cognitive abilities.

“Joe can’t remember what state he’s in,” said Trump Jr. drawing applause and laughter.

Trump Jr. said Biden will flip flop to do whatever it takes to get a vote. Trump Jr. said the former vice president told voters in Pennsylvania that he understands those who are blue-collar workers. Trump Jr. mocked his father’s opponent.

“I’ve had more blue collar jobs than Joe Biden has,” Trump Jr. said.

U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes, who represents California’s 22nd congressional district, did not attend the rally because of a family emergency.

Many who attended the rally and auction said they were pleased with the program and attendance.

Even if you aren’t like-minded, it is heartwarming to see people in our little community showing American pride,” said Amber Getto.

“Donald Jr. connected with the crowd right off the bat. Although he comes from a different lifestyle and background, he seems to really get the needs and struggles of agricultural producers.”

Anita Trone said she enjoyed the day and found the auction entertaining, even for those who aren’t in the cattle business.

“Donald Trump Jr. was funny, yet deadly serious about the stakes for this election,” she said. “The large crowd left pumped up and ready to work for the re-election of Donald J.”

Linda Hartweg said the turnout impressed her.

“The wonderful attendance certainly made the statement that this is Trump Country, and Don Jr. gave clear reasoning why America must re-elect his father,” she said. “If people wouldn’t depend on just the liberal media, more would see the light.” 

“Donald Trump Jr. did an excellent job of delivering his father’s message to Northern Nevada,”

said Lyon County Commissioner Ken Gray. “He reminded us of why we are fighting, not for his dad but for our very country. In the final days of this tumultuous election cycle, he did what needed to be done. He energized and motivated us with a few laughs along the way.”